Glass Paintings Clocks and Doors.
Glass Painting Clocks and Doors.

Glass Painting Clocks and Doors. Well this week we look at both glass painting clocks and doors. The clocks project is probably suitable for a beginner but the door project does assume that you can already do basic glass painting. The door project has been a long time coming. It’s months or rather years ago […]

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Glass Painted Mobile Project 2.
2 New Glass Painting Projects.

2 New Glass Painting Projects. Well this week we have 2 new glass painting projects. The first has 3 more ways of glass painting jam jars / mason jars. This time with solvent based paint. The second is something a little different, a mobile (the sort you hang up, not the sort you talk into!).  […]

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Makr your own outliner for glass painting.
Making your own outliner and more.

A packed newsletter this week. We have articles on making your own outliner plus a project which include four different methods of decorating a jam jar / mason jar. We have also added more free designs, mainly to the Christmas section as we assume it won’t be long before people are thinking about decorations. Once […]

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Glass Painted Fish Bowl. Buy Adhesive Glass Painting Film.
Adhesive Film for Glass Painting. Intro and Project.

Most of this weeks newsletter is about Adhesive film for glass painting. Now I know that it is really difficult to get hold of but when you can it is really useful. is going to try and sort something out here in the UK but for others we have made some suggestions at the […]

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Modern Poppy Design. Coloured Version.
More free designs for Glass Painters.

Well we are back with more free designs for glass painters. We have received a few email comments about these so we are hoping to change how we present them in the next few weeks. For as many as possible we will include a simple colour copy alongside the basic design. This will give you […]

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Cherry Window Peelie.
Making and Using Peelable Glass Paint.

Making and Using Peelable Glass Paint. This weeks newsletter is dedicated to making and using peelable glass paint. Thats the type of glass paint which is used to make window stickers (Peelies as they are sometimes called). Peelable glass paints (with maybe the exception of Gallery Glass Paint) are often seen as the “poor relation” […]

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Making a Piping Bag for Glass Painting. Fig.4.
How to make a piping bag and more.

Another nice mixture of articles for you this week. A video and article showing how to make a piping bag for glass painting, a review of Pebeo Fantasy Moon and, as normal some more free designs. We have plans for 12 more articles/videos over the next 6 months or so. They will include How to […]

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New Glass Painting Project and Paint Review.
New Glass Painting Project plus Paint Review.

New  Glass Painting Project plus Paint Review. Once again it’s bee a while since our last glass painting newsletter.  I haven’t been able to do as much as i would like recently but that has now changed. This week we have a New  Glass Painting Project plus Paint Review. Over the next few months we […]

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Glass Painting at Christmas.
Glass Painting Newsletter

The New Glass Painting Newsletter Welcome to the new look glass painting newsletter.  For now on we will be producing our newsletter online and sending a link out when one is released. This means the glass painting newsletters will stay up-to-date and we can amend them as we go along. We will still only send […]

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