Glass Painted Scrapbooking.
Glass Painting Picture Frames.

Well it’s been a few weeks since we had a newsletter. We’re back this week with two projects both picture frames. The first is a standard type of picture frame and the second is  a “scrapbooking” style  frame. Glass painting picture frames is great fun and they can make great presents. Both of these frames […]

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Mackintosh Style Vase Project.
Glass Painted Mackintosh vase, Paint Review and Lesson.

We have a nice mixture of articles for you this week including a nice glass painted Mackintosh vase project.  In addition to that there is a review of ArtiStick by Pebeo and the next part of our online lessons. Over the next few months we will be having more reviews, projects and of course more […]

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Pots for solvent based Glass Paints.
Free Online Glass Painting Course.

Well this is our first newsletter for 2018 and we have quite a lot to cram in. Firstly there is our new free online glass painting course details of which you will find below. In addition to this we have an article/video on preparing your glass paints plus a reminder about the special designs download […]

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Mosaic Glass Painted Vase Project.
Large and Small Glass Painting Projects.

This week we have both large and small glass painting projects. The large project is a window and the small project is a vase. For me this is one of the great things about glass painting, the range of things you can make with the techniques. We realise that people using this site will have […]

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Glass Painting at Christmas.

There’s nothing like glass painting at Christmas, well in the lead up to it anyway.  We have highlighted some of the projects which should be suitable. Obviously you don’t want anything too permanent so the window and door projects are out. You can still however decorate those with glass painted window stickers! The fact is […]

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Glass Painted Christmas Decorations
More Glass Painted Christmas Decorations.

This we we  have a project with more glass painted Christmas decorations. Once again these can be very easy to make depending on which designs you choose. We also have a paint review. We haven’t done one of these for quite a while but you do intend to carry on doing them when we can. […]

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Glass Painting a Window.
Glass Painting Projects and ideas.

This week we have two more glass painting projects and ideas for you.  There can be seen as being at either end of the glass painting scale. The Christmas glass painting project is; small, quick, simple and requires minimal materials. The window project on the other hand takes quite a lot of careful planning, certainly […]

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Glass Paintings Clocks and Doors.
Glass Painting Clocks and Doors.

Glass Painting Clocks and Doors. Well this week we look at both glass painting clocks and doors. The clocks project is probably suitable for a beginner but the door project does assume that you can already do basic glass painting. The door project has been a long time coming. It’s months or rather years ago […]

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Glass Painted Mobile Project 2.
2 New Glass Painting Projects.

2 New Glass Painting Projects. Well this week we have 2 new glass painting projects. The first has 3 more ways of glass painting jam jars / mason jars. This time with solvent based paint. The second is something a little different, a mobile (the sort you hang up, not the sort you talk into!).  […]

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