20th January 2021

Free Online Glass Painting Course.

Free Online Glass Painting Course..
Free Online Glass Painting Course..

Well this is our first newsletter for 2018 and we have quite a lot to cram in. Firstly there is our new free online glass painting course details of which you will find below. In addition to this we have an article/video on preparing your glass paints plus a reminder about the special designs download we had over Christmas.

We have plenty coming up over the next few months. Two vase projects and two picture frame projects. In addition to this the course will continue with both techniques and it’s own projects.



Free Online Glass Painting Course.
Online Glass Painting Course.

Free Online Glass Painting Course.

This is a brand new online course which we will be developing over this year. Some of the techniques/content will be updated version of some of the older videos/content on the site. This is however the first time we have put it all in a logical order. The first few lessons may be a bit easy for many of our newsletter members who tend to be more experienced glass painters but we hope you will find them more challenging as the course progresses.

So far there are 3 parts available. A quick introduction, Lesson1, Basic Outlining and Lesson 2, basic painting.


Lession 1, Basic Outlining.

Lesson 2. Basic Flood Fill Painting.

We hope you enjoy these lesson and encourage anyone to give (constructive) feedback and the lessons so far and what you would like to see in upcoming lessons.



Window and Door Designs.

Just a gentle reminder that we still have our special download available for newsletter subscribers. It is the same 20 door and window designs which are available on the site but in the download they are available in both larger and vector formats. We won’t put the link here as that will make it viewable on the site but you will find it in this weeks email.



Pots for solvent based Glass Paints.
Preparing your Glass Paints..

Preparing your Glass Paints.

The subject of preparing your paints comes up every now and then, mainly “to shake or not to shake”.  We now have a video/article on the site covering this. By preparing your paints well it will help you get the most out of them, they should be easier to work with and give a better finish.

This is a topic many people seem to have an opinion on and we are happy for people to comment on the article with their own experience or advice.

Preparing Your Glass Paints.



Pots for solvent based Glass Paints.
Pots for solvent based Glass Paints.

UK Glass Painting Shop.

We have added two more items to the shop. Firstly we have a set of solid paint brushes. These are quite small and suitable for more delecate glass painting. I you will probably know these are the style of brushes we recommend especially for flood fill painting.

The other item of plastic jars/pots suitable for solvent glass paints. We already had ones available for waterbased paints but these are special “PET” plastic which makes them suitable for solvent ones. They are particularly useful for mixing colours, lightening colours and making your own pearl colours.

UK Glass Painting Shop.



Well that’s all for this week. In the next newsletter we hope to have the next part of our course plus the first of our vase projects.

Happy Crafting,

Yours, Bob.


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