20th May 2024

Glass Painting Course. An Introduction.

This is the introduction both for our online glass painting course and for our YouTube channel.

Glass Painting is a great craft which you can use to make a whole range of items in an endless number of styles. You can go from small flowery lightcachers through to Art Deco windows and doors. For those just starting there are many designs available which you can copy, it’s a good way of starting out. When you are a little bit more confident you can either alter existing designs to suit your needs or make your own designs from scratch.

Glass Painting Course Intro Video.

A fantastic Grecian Lady Mirror. Glass Painting Course.
A fantastic Grecian Lady Mirror created by “Mirror Art” using adhesive lead and glass paints.

There are quite a lot of different outliners and paints available to buy (or even in some cases make) and it is important that you get the right materials for the work you want to do. In the second video we will be looking at outliners, the different brand and types available and when you should use each. We will also look at the basics of applying them to a surface. The third video will do the same with paints.

Quite a lot of the information contained in this course is already available on the site, either in the techniques section or as part of one of the projects. The idea of the course however is to introduce you to everything in a structured way and in a logical order.

We hope the course will be fairly interactive. You are welcome to leave (constructive) comments either on our Facebook page or at the bottom of each page like this one. We will use comments to structure future videos, hopefully answering any questions asked. We want people to enjoy the course and perhaps to get a little inspiration from it.

The aim is to release another part of the course every two week. This may not always be possible but we will try our best to stick to this timetable.

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