22nd February 2024

Lesson 4. Working with Solvent Glass Paints.

Working with Solvent Glass Paints.
Working with Solvent Glass Paints.

In this lesson we look at working with Solvent based glass. Most people, when they start glass painting, will stick to a single transparent colour per section. This is fine and gives a nice effect however there is a range of other effects you can achieve to give your work a different look.

Most of the techniques we look at work best when you are painting on flat surfaces. That doesn’t mean you can’t using them on curved surface, just that you may not achieve such a good finish.

For this demo we are using Pebeo Vitrail (transparent glass paints), Pebeo Fantasy Prisme and Pebeo Fantasy Fantasy Moon.


Working with Solvent Glass Paints.



N.B. When mixing or blending paints it is very important to make sure they have the same base. In most cases this will mean sticking to the same brand. Even then you can have issues so you may want to check the makers website to see if the paints can mix.

Technique 1. Blending on the glass.

You can blend the paints on your work by either loading one side and then the other or by dropping one colour into the other. It depends on what sort of look you want. How quickly you add the second  colour will also make a difference.  Adding the second colour immediately will be different fom leaving a a 5/10/15 min gap inbetween.

Pebeo Fantasy Prisme.
Pebeo Fantasy Prisme.

Technique 2. Using different types of Glass Paint.

Some brands of paint make ones with different finishes. In the video we use Pebeo glass paints which, in addition to the transparent ones also make Fantasy Prisme and Fantasy Moon. These are opaque(ish) glass paints which have the same base as the transparent ones and give a mottled/eggshell/pealised finish.

Technique 3. Mixing your transparent paints.

You can mix the transparent paints to make different colours or to lighten the existing ones (Remember it is CLEAR which lightens the paints not white.). Obviously you will need a suitable bottle.

Technique 4. Making your own pearl paints.

Many brands of paint will have one which you can use to make your own peal colours. For some it will just be the while pearl. For Pebeo it is their Honeycomb White in the Fantasy Prisme. Just mix that 50/50 wil any of the transparent colours to make that colour pearl.


As long as you are sure your paints will mix then the best thing is just to have a play and see what blends/mixes you can come up with.


4 thoughts on “Lesson 4. Working with Solvent Glass Paints.

  1. New to glass painting I need to ask one question.if painting a glass frame with vitreous 160 and frame is for decorative purpose and will not come in contact with water, does the frame still needs to be baked?
    Does vitrail 160 achieves permanency after 21 days even if not baked ?

    1. Vitrea 160 will air dry fine without any need to bake. However, as you have assumed, it won’t be as water-fast if you use it that way. Any items made without baking can be wiped down but shouldn’t b3e soaked in water or put in a dish washer.

      Hope that helps.

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