23rd May 2024

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If you have a general question about glass painting it may be better to place a message at the bottom of one of our articles / newsletter or in our Facebook group. That way other glass painters will also be able to offer there advice/experience.

Facebook Group.

We obviously want everyone to enjoy their glass painting and we all get such sometimes. On the other hand you may just want to know if anyone has found a different way of doing things or maybe there is a style of design you are looking for. Whatever the reason a post in our Facebook group should start a discussion.

6 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hi I wondered if you could give me some advice ? I’m glass painting with Pabeo vitrea 160 and every piece I’ve done is full of tiny bubbles 🙁 I’ve tried several types of brushes ,real hair and nylon etc . I leave the paint to settle before working on them ,and they are washed dried etc I have even tried thinning with Pabeo thinner. I have watched all your video,s and flood fill after outlining ,but nothing I do stops the bubbles 🙁 please can you help me ,I really don’t want to give up this wonderful craft . Thank you Sharon
    Sorry if you receive this message more than once my internet is playing up

    1. Hi, think I already answered this on on Facebook but I’m going to repeat as I’m sure others may want to see the response!

      “I’m afraid I may not be much help. The 160 is a waterbased paint and as such it does tend to hold bubbles in more than the solvent based ones. So in the long term my personal recommendation would be to change paints, maybe over to the Pebeo Vitrail (unless you want to bake it in which case you would need to use the 160 ).

      In the meantime I have have some success with tapping (quite hard) the bottle of paint on my desk a few times before I use it. This seems to get rid of at least some of the bubbles. I do also use a solid paint brush but I’m not too sure if that makes a difference or not.”

      1. Thank you for your help , I had a think about your suggestion on a harder brush, and decided to try tapping the paint hard ,then dripping very gentle with a cocktail stick and pushing it gently out to the edges . It worked 🙂 no bubbles! Thank you

  2. I’m new to your Facebook group and wondered if you could advise where you sourced the 500ml bottle of Artistick black outliner as shown in one of your YouTube videos. I can only seem to find it in the USA & obviously don’t want to be paying those prices. Pullingers don’t have it and I usually get my paints from there. Your advice would be much appreciated.

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