25th November 2023

Copyright Information for glasspainting.co.uk

Copyright Information .

Please note that the images on this site, on the whole, are not copyright free, neither is the collection.

We are more than happy for people to use the images in their HANDMADE glass items, either for personal use or for sale. We DO NOT mind if you make a profit through using our designs on your completed work.

What you MAY NOT do is the following (or any derivative of the following:

  • Place our designs on your own website for people to download.
  • Hotlink to our designs.
  • Sell our designs either on paper or electronically (that includes on CD, DVD, on the Internet etc etc.
  • Anything else which breaches our copyright.

Some of our work it derived from other works which we believe to be copyright free. If that is not the case please do let us know so we can sort the issue either by removal or credit.

We want to be as flexible as possible with this so, if you want to do something outside of the scope of this copyright information notice please do talk to us about it. e.g. we may allow you to put one or two of our images on your web site if due credit is given but please do talk to us about it first. (see the contact us page).

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