19th October 2021

Adhesive Film for Glass Painting. Intro and Project.

Adhesive Film for Glass Painting.
Adhesive Film for Glass Painting.

Most of this weeks newsletter is about Adhesive film for glass painting. Now I know that it is really difficult to get hold of but when you can it is really useful. Glasspainting.co.uk is going to try and sort something out here in the UK but for others we have made some suggestions at the end of the “Glass Painting Film An Introduction” as to how you may find another film which would suit.  Have a read of the articles and maybe watch the video and I think you will agree that an Adhesive Film for glass painting adds a whole new dimension to the work.

Also, don’t miss the “Eureka Moment” article. It’s a bit of fun but something you might find useful!

LATE ADDITION: I now have some glass painting film to sell to people. Unfortunately this is currently for people in the UK only. Details HERE.



Glass Painting Film on Tiles.
Glass Painting Film on Tiles.

Adhesive Film for Glass Painting: An Introduction.

Adhesive film for glass painting used to be really popular , at least here in the U.K.  It was sold on at least one of the craft channels, supplied by Rainbow Glass. The film is remarkably useful. It allows you to work flat, using the flood fill method and achieving a really nice finish. Then you can move your work to a window or a 3d object. Not only that but you can also use it on mirrors and tiles, places where you can’t get a design behind to work on.  This article and video give some tips on using glass painting film. There is also a little bit at the end of the article about what you should look for in a film if you can’t get a specific glass painting one.

Glass Painting Film: An Introduction.



Glass Painting Designs.

Well we don’t have many new glass painting designs for you this week but if you look though the Craftville Bear and Childrens sections you will notice we have started to upload colour copies of some of the design. Please do note we aren’t trying to tell you how they should be painted / coloured. We just want to show where colours would normally change. We are using blocks of colour where we might well use a blend or in some cases a completely different colour all together. For example, in the new dolphin design you will see the sea is blue. In reality I would normally do that in Blue, Turquoise, Aqua Green and a bit of white for the wave tops.

You will find the designs above in the projects section as they are both related to this weeks articles / videos.

Glass Painting Designs.



Glass Painted Koi Carp Bowl.
Glass Painted Koi Carp Bowl using Glass Painting Film..

Koi Carp Fish Bowl.

I REALLY like this project but I can’t take credit for it. The original idea came from Alan Gear, one of the co-authors of “The complete guide to glass painting”. (A book I highly recommend). Obviously the same technique can be used with other designs but there is something about the Koi Carp which makes them particularly suitable. This project does require both glass painting film and Pebeo Vitrail and Fantasy Paints. (Personally I don’t know of any other paints which give the same effect. If you do please let me know.

Koi Carp Fish Bowl.


Glass Painting Film. Vase.
Glass Painting Film. Vase.

Do you have problems photographing your work?

I’ve had issues photographing my glass painting for years. Well last week I had a “Eureka Moment”, and yes, it involved a bath (although I wasn’t in it at the time).

Details are in my latest blog post on the site although I expect many of you will already realise what I’m suggesting.

Photographing Your Work.


Well that about wraps it up for this newsletter. My humble apologies regarding the last newsletter. I forgot to put the  links on so had to send it out again 🙁  . We’ve had a couple of discussions in our glass painting group on Facebook lately so why not join the group and share your work! You will find it here. https://www.facebook.com/groups/747464888739304/

Happy Crafting.

Yours, Bob.

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