23rd May 2024

Photographing your work. A Simple trick.

Photographing Your Work.
Photographing Your Work.

Photographing your work can be quite difficult sometimes. Most of what we work on is glass with reflective surfaces. Then there is the problem of finding a suitable background. White is best for photographing glass in front of as it shows the colours well.

How to photograph your work.
How to photograph your work.

After years of struggling I just stumbled on a solution, the bath. Luckily we have a white bath and the “non tap end”  makes for a perfect little photography set.  OK so you can’t photograph anything too large but for vases, smaller lamps etc it is great. No more worrying what’s in the background. No more trying to find something white, no more refections of the dog!

You can see a couple of the images I have just done on this page. Hopefully they will get even better given a bit of time but with just the bath and the camera on my phone I don;t think they look at all bad.

If you have a white, or other light coloured bath, give it a go. I’m sure it will help you with photographing your work.

 Sharing Tips.

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