21st May 2024

Large Glass Painting Project: Part 2

Well I thought it was time for an update on the large glass painting project I have decided to do. To recap I have chosen to do a design on my front door which has a very handy window. It’s all going a little slower than I originally panned. Lots of reasons for this , the main one being I still haven’t settled on a design.

Large Glass Painting Project:


Door Window which I shall be painting.
Door Window to paint.

Well in a positive step forward I have managed to get off the old film which was on the glass. To do this I started off using a heat gun together with a scraper. This actually made quite a bit of mess and resulted in a burnt finger. (Don’t try and pull the film once you have heated it up. I will stick to your fingers and burn. I assume most people wont be stupid enough to do this!).

Front Door with film removed.
Front Door with film removed.

In the end I just used the scrapper on its’ own to take the film off and then used a strong mixture of washing up liquid and water to remove the left over sticky residue. It was actually easier to remove than I initially thought.


I have also manged to get my hands on a piece of plexiglass which should be perfect for this glass painting project. I was actually a piece someone was throwing out as a corner was broken. It’s quite thin, 2 or 3mm which should be perfect for this job. Unfortunately I now need to learn how to cut it which doesn’t seem as easy as I first thought!


After much thought I’ve decided to use BrianClegg waterbased paints for this projects. The project is going to be indoor so I don’t think using waterbased paints will be an issue. I will still be able to wipe the window down to clean after the project has been completed. There is an issue the the range of colours in the Brian Clegg range is a bit limited. To deal with this I have ordered some mixing pots so I can make up the range I need. It will still leave me short of a black and a white.  I may need to use a different make for those. It will all depend on the design.

Large Glass Painting Project:

The Design.

Rennie MackIntosh Design Search
Rennie MackIntosh Design Search

Afraid to say I am not that much further forward with the design. I’ve been spending a fair bit of time on Google images looking for inspiration.  I’ve been searching terms such as “tiffany wisteria” and “rennie mackintosh rose” to try and give myself some ideas. I’ve also gone to the other extreme and searched Marvel Super Heros just as something completely different. I can see I’m going to have to set myself a time limit on the design!

Glass Painting Project :Tiffany Image Search
Glass Painting Project :Tiffany Image Search

So that’s where I am now. The mixing pots are on order ( and some measuring ones as well) so what I really need to do now is sort out the design.

I hope you are enjoying following this large glass painting project.  I’m thinking maybe I should have finished it before I started writing it up but too late for that now. Hopefully be the next post I will have the design ready and have neared how to cut the plexiglass.


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