25th November 2023

Changes to the site.

Glass Painting Facebook Group.
Glass Painting Facebook Group.

Ever since we started a forum many years ago we have had issues with spammers. In the last year or so we have had so many applications to join the forum (mostly we suspect from spammers) that it has made it impossible to manage the forum properly.

Unfortunately due to this we have reluctantly decided to close the forum.  To replace this we have set up a FAcebook Group which people can join, ask questions, share ideas and even upload pictures of their work.

We realise that this isn’t a good solution for people who aren’t members of Facebook but we thought this drawback was outweighed by the ability to upload video, images etc.

Please do come and join us in the Glass Painting group if you ca, we’d love to hear from you.

Glass Painting Facebook Group.

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