24th May 2024

Large Glass Painting Project.

I’ve decided it’s time to do a large glass painting project.  Rather than doing it and then showing you what I did I’ve also decided it would be nice to show you as I go along. This will mean you get to see any mistakes I make. Also we will go through the planning procedure so you can see what steps I took, when I changed things and how much planning I did before I started.

Large Glass Painting Project: Planning.

Large Glass Painting Project
Large Glass Painting Project

Unlike many people I decided I wanted to do a large project before I decided where I would like it. Most people have somewhere in mind first ! I quickly narrowed it down to two places. Our fron door or the glass at the side of our front door. Either would make a nice place for a bit of glass painting and two be honest, whichever I pick I will probably go on and do the other at a later stage.

I finally decided on the front door itself, mainly due to its shape. This does bring some additional problems as the work will have to put up with the door being slammed every now and then by the children. (yes I try constantly to stop them slamming the doors but it still happens).

Door Window which I shall be painting.
Door Window to paint.

The other issue is there is already a covering on the glass panel on the door. This is some sort of adhesive film. I don’t really like it and it’s getting a bit. These were two more reasons to choose this spot. Anyway one of my first jobs will be getting that film off. It doesn’t matter if it is blank for a while as the glass itself it mottled on the inside of the double glassed panel. (so the surface I will be working on is smooth).

Once yopu have chosen a spot then there are two main issues. What I like to call the technicalities, how you are actually going to do it, and the design.

Large Glass Painting Project:


Well I’m not going to get the glass out of the door and I think my wife will object to me taking the door off its’ hinges and working on it for a couple of weeks. I wont get the finish I want working upright so all of those options are out. This means I am going to have to work on something else and then add it to the door.

Large Glass Painting Project:: Door.
Large Glass Painting Project:: Door.

I could choose to work on film, in sections and then assemble it bit by bit on the door. Maybe finishing it off with some adhesive lead. That is certainly a practical option but in this case I think I’m going to choose to work on a single sheet of perspex cut too just slot into the recess which is already there. e.g. the glass isn’t flush with the door. It is set a couple of millimetres back.  If I can get the right thickness perspex I should then be able to fix it in by using a strip of 9mm or 12mm adhesive lead all the way around the piece with half the width such to the door and the other half to the perspex. That’s the plan anyway 🙂


Large Glass Painting Project:


I really haven’t decided on the design yet. I’m going between some sort of traditional Tiffany design, Wisteria or something like that, right over to something more modern and comical. Maybe a Simpsons coat of arms ! The design is obviously going to take a bit more work so that’s what I’m doing at the moment. I’m on the internet looking at lots of Tiffany, Macintosh and other designs trying to get some inspiration.

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