25th September 2021

Glass Painting Film. An Introduction.

Glass Painting Film. Vase.
Glass Painting Film. Vase.

Glass painting film is simply a clear adhesive film on a clear back ground. You use it initially as if it were a flat piece of glass. put your design underneath, outline and paint. After that however it can be cut out and stuck in places where it would be impossible to use the flood fill technique directly. On to windows, 3d objects (although you need to be realistic about sticking a flat sheet to a rounded object) etc. It’s also great for mirrors and tile. Although these are flat they are places where you can’t get your design behind to outline. Glass Painting Film solves this problem.


Some tips for using Glass Painting Film.

Glass Painted Koi Carp Bowl.
Glass Painted Koi Carp Bowl using Glass Painting Film..
  • If you have issues separating the film and the backing then put a bit of sticky tape on either side. When you pull them apart the film should come apart.
  • It’s always best to hold the film down when outlining and painting. I use blue tack when outlining and masking tape when painting.
  • When cutting out my finished item I often leave a “tag” on it. This is a bit of unpainted film which I can use to handle the piece and where I will separate the film from the backing. I cut this off once I have started place the piece in situ.
  • Make sure the paint if fully dry before you try and stick the finished piece anywhere.
  • Most modern paints are fine with the film BUT if you have any old cellulose paints they can crack if you try and bend them when fully dry. Just for these paints you will need to try and catch it when the paint is “dry” but hasn’t hardened.
  • Always use a soft cloth to press the film down onto the object. Keep on going back to it for 24 – 48 hours to ensure it is laying down correctly.
  • Should you have difficulty removing the piece when you no longer want it you can try warming it up with a hot hair dryer. This should make it easier to remove. (You will however damage the work. This film isn’t to make peelable objects).
  • Large pieces of film are difficult to handle and difficult to apply to windows etc. If you want to do a large piece we suggest you do it jigsaw fashion. You can ecven add adhesive lead to the major lines of the finished piece.

We really  hope you enjoy using glass painting film, it really does add another dimension to your work. Enabling you to tackle projects which would normally be virtually impossible. Not only tackle the projects but also achieve a great finish.


Glass Painting Film on Tiles.
Glass Painting Film on Tiles.

We realise that glass painting film is remarkable difficult to get hold off now-a-days (basically since Rainbow Glass stopped selling it. We have some ourselves which we will try and make available in the U.K. For those in other countries if you can’t find it you could try finding other film which are:

  1. A clear film with a clear backing sheet.
  2. Malleable.
  3. Permanent Adhesion.
  4. Don’t react to the application of Glass Paints.


If you find a film you think may be suitable try and get hold of a small amount/sample for testing before you buy too much.


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