18th February 2020

Glass Painting Newsletter

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Glass Painting Newsletter.

The New Glass Painting Newsletter

Welcome to the new look glass painting newsletter.  For now on we will be producing our newsletter online and sending a link out when one is released. This means the glass painting newsletters will stay up-to-date and we can amend them as we go along. We will still only send out these links when we have new content on the site.

There has been a bit of a delay with us adding content to the site. This was due to “off line reason”.  We are now back with a new look site and are busy adding new content and updating the old. There is a brand new forum, users galleries and a lot more to come!


How to make a Framed Light-catcher.
Framed Light-catcher.

Framed Light-catcher Project.

We are really pleased with this project. It’s inexpensive to do and most of the materials are readily to hand for many people. No glass cutting or anything like that. Just a bit of paper crafting and good old glass painting.

We have produced a video together with written instructions. We also have some new (and old) designs specially sized for this project.  We do hope you enjoy it. There is a comments box on the projects page if you have any comments or questions on it. We will be releasing a second set of designs sized for this shortly.

Framed Light-catcher Projects.

Framed Light-catcher Designs.


Glass Painting Gallery
Glass Painting Gallery

New Site

Most of you will have noticed the new site. It has been built so it is viewable on computers, tablets and phones. There may still be a few teething problems so our apologies if you have any hassles. The new site includes a brand new forum. If you a member of the old forum with a gallery we have moved the images onto the new site but we can’t assign them to you until you join the new forum. Once you have joined just contact us and we will ensure you get control of your images back. Any new members are welcome to upload examples of their glass painting. We love seeing other peoples work and it is one of the most popular parts of the site. If you sell glass painted items, run glass painting workshops etc. you are welcome to put your link in your profile and forum signature.


1000 Motifs for Crafters CD.
1000 Motifs for Crafters.

Free Prize Draw.

We will be holding a free prize draw at the end of August. Anyone who joins the site/forum before the 1st Sept will have their name put into a hat and we will be drawing out 12 winners.  You will need to post once, either in the forum, gallery or a comment on an article. This is just so we know you aren’t a “spammer”, we don’t want to be giving prizes to spammers 🙂 .

The first two winners will get a prize consisting of A set of glass paints, a set of solid paint brushes and the “1000 motifs for Crafters” Cd.  The other 10 will receive a copy of the “1000 motifs for Crafters” Cd.

We don’t care where you live in the world. If you are one of the people luck enough to have their name pulled of out the hat, as long as you have a postal service we will get the prize to you!

We have no idea how many people will join the site by the end of Aug. If there are 12 or less members then everyone will get a prize. (We will still hold a draw to determine who gets the top two prizes).

Prize Draw now closed.



How to make aGlass Painting Piping Bag
Glass Painting Piping Bag.

Basic Outlining Video.

Our basic outlining video has been re-done. It was one of the first videos we did so  I’m afraid it was beginning to show its age! The new version is in HD and we think be the lighting and the sound have been improved. As outlining is the bit of glass painting most people have issues with we though this was a good place to start. We will be going on and re doing/making all the old videos.

This video will show you how to make a piping bag and get smooth outlining.

Basic Outlining Video.


As much as possible we like the site to be about sharing. Sharing your work, ideas, tips and anything else to do with glass painting. You can do this via the forum and the users gallery.  Also, if you would like to consider writing an article about any aspect of glass painting then that would be most welcome.  For reasons I wont go into it would have to be unique to this site but in return we can offer you a link to your own site / Facebook page etc and some good publicity.


Well that’s the end of this first new look glass painting newsletter. I wont try and guess when the next one will be going out. Obviously not before we have added more to the site. In the meantime you can keep up with us and the latest news by joining the forum and/or reading up dates on our new BLOG pages.

We do now also have a Facebook Page and a Google+ Page which you may also like to join it you use those services.

Happy Crafting.


p.s. If you want to subscribe to the Glass painting Newsletter or even unsubscribe from the Glass Painting newsletter then you can do so on THIS PAGE.


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