25th September 2021

Glass Painting Outlining

Glass Painting Outlining techniques video
Glass Painting Outlining.

Glass Painting Outlining.


As outlining is the part of glass painting that most people seem to have a problem with, our first “video guide” is on how to outline using a piping bag. The video shows you both how to make the bag and how to use it.

Whilst many people have an issue outlining out of a tube (which which quite a lot of outliner is sold in) this is often the fault of the tube rather than the person doing the outlining. As with any skill it can take a bit of practice to get it right but it is well worth the effort as it will make your finished piece look that much better.

This video uses a sheet of designs to help you practice your outlining. You can get a copy of a similar sheets HERE:

How to make aGlass Painting Piping Bag
Glass Painting Piping Bag.

This video is getting quite old now and we will be redoing it soon. Having said that the advice it contains is still relevant. There are two very important things which will make your outlining better.

Firstly use the right applicator. We recommend NOT using a tube. They really are very difficult to work with. They don’t give you the right amount of control to enable you to get a smooth line. Use a bottle or, if possible a piping bag. A small piping bag is certainly best. This video will show you how to make and use one.

Secondly is practice. Whist it may seem like a waste of both time and outliner it really is best to practice. Once you can outline a piece well the painting will follow. If you outline a piece poorly it doesn’t matter how good your painting is. It will still look poor.

If you do make an error while outlining a piece then wait for it to dry and cut it out. You can then go back over it with a new bit of outliner.

We hope you have enjoyed thisĀ guide to glass painting outlining. Please use the comments box below if you have any questions.

6 thoughts on “Glass Painting Outlining

  1. I found the “Glass Painting Basic Outline” video very informative and helpful. It came as close as possible to ‘I on 1’ instruction

  2. In your video for piping you used practice templates that can be downloaded from your website. However I can’t locate them.

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