28th September 2021

Working With Adhesive Lead

Working With Adhesive Lead Part 1.
Making Your Own Blank Glass Roundle.

Working With Adhesive Lead
Working With Adhesive Lead.

To make this glass roundel you will need the following:

  • 3mm float glass cut to the size you require.
  • 9mm or 12mm FLAT profile lead.
  • small piece of fuse wire.
  • Boning Tool.
  • Scissors.
  • Sharp Implement to make a small hole in the lead.
  • Round pencil or pen to make the hanger on.
  • A mat or something to work on.

It is possible to buy lead with an Oval profile. This is great for laying flat on glass but is remarkably difficult to bend round the edge of glass. If you find it difficult to bend the lead, even with the flat lead, try warming it up slightly on a radiator or something BUT don’t heat it up too much or you will get burnt.

It is not necessary to use glass in something like this. Something like perspex / plexiglass will do fine. Obviously you will need to ensure you have the correct tools to cut it with.

Working with Adhesive Lead
Working with Adhesive Lead.

Tools for cutting circular pieces of glass can be bought on Ebay etc but a glass painter should always make friends with their local glazier shop… hopefully they can cut it for you!. You will find an experienced glazier can do the job a lot quicker and with less breakages. ¬†You should be able to come to some arrangement especially if you want a batch of them cut at one time. I normally have a about 30 of the smaller ones cut at a time and these will last me several months.

Final word of warning. This is lead you are working with. Mostly it has a covering on but alway wash your hands after working with it. Better to be safe than sorry!

2 thoughts on “Working With Adhesive Lead

  1. Would like to know if (and how) the adhesive lead can be painted. I would prefer it to match the liquid leading color (dark grey/black) of the outliner. Is this possible and will it affect the longevity of the adhesive lead? Thanks, Charmaine

    1. Hi, I think I answered this on YouTube. I’m not sure about painting it, you could do a small test. The lead however does come in different colours and I believe black is available.

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