26th September 2021

Glass Painting 3d Objects.

Glass Painting 3d Objects.
Glass Painting 3d Objects.

Glass Painting 3d Objects.

Much of the glass painting on this site concerns painting of flat surfaces, or painting on glass painting film whilst flat and then moving it onto another surface. However the most difficult type of glass painting is painting a non flat/3d surface like a vase, candle holder etc. Whilst this will always be difficult this video contains several tips which should make it a little easier.



  • Warm the glass before you start painting. This should only be a little as it is dangerous to overheat glass and anyway, if it’s too hot the paint may react with it.
  • Choose a design which is broken into small sections.
  • Use a brush with bristles, not a solid one.
  • Think more of painting and less of flood filling.
  • Do a small section at a time. Leave it to go tacky dry before you move the piece round a little and start on the next.
  • Use a good paint with strong colours, that way you will need to put less on the glass.
Glass Painting 3d Objects.
Glass Painting 3d Objects.

The Paints In our demonstration the glass paints we used were Lefranc and Bourgeois Vitrail Glass Paints. Obviously these aren’t the only glass paints you can use but they are certainly one of the best (maybe even the best) we have used for this type of work. We strongly recommend having a practise and test any glass paints you may wish to use before you dive into an intricate piece. Like any type of glass painting there is a level of skill to this which will only come with practice.The outliner used in this demonstration with by Gallery Glass Liquid leading by Gallery Glass. To be honest we weren’t too worried about which outliner we used as they are all quite similar. The container they come in seems to make more difference to the quality than which outliner it is (for more details see our outliner video). In this particular instance we used a piping bag.You can see a full review of the Lefranc and Bourgeois Vitrail Glass Paints on THIS page.

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