26th July 2021

Basic Outlining Skills Video

Guide to Basic Outlining Skills including Video.
Basic Outlining Skills

Basic Outlining Skills Video.


Now they’ve moved on to TV presenting and Paper Crafts (mainly) it’s quite easy to forgot what great glass painters Alan and Barry were (and probably still are).

Outlining is a part of glass painting which many people find difficult but this video contains some great hints and tips which should see you outlining like a professional in no time.

This video uses a sheet of designs to help you practice your outlining. You can get a copy of a similar sheets HERE:

Many people seem to think that practicing their outlining is a waste of time. It really isn’t. Like any skill it take time to learn how to do it well. Practicing on a spare sheet of acetate will save a lot of time latter. Otherwise you will be forever correcting your work.

Alan uses a bottle in this video. It’s a nice small bottle with a find tip. (This can get blocked on occasions ).  Whilst a bottle is good we think a piping bag is better. It gives you more control. You can see how to make a small piping bag in our previous video.

Basic Outlining Skills
Basic Outlining Skills

Even after lots of practice even those really good at outlining are going to make errors in their work. Don’t worry about it, most times it can be corrected. Leave the outliner to dry and then cut out the bit with the error using a sharp craft knife to cut it and then peeling it off. You can then replace it with a fresh bit of outlining. When doing a large piece I might go through it two or more times cutting out bits I don’t like and replacing them. Only when I am totally happy with the outlining will I move on to the painting.

If the outlining it good the painting should be fairly easy. It the outlining is poor. It doesn’t  matter how good the painting is, it will still look poor.

Anyway we hope you like this guide to basic outlining skill. Don’t forget you can download a practice sheet via the link at the top of this page.

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