15th October 2021

Basic Outlining Techniques

A guide to Basic Outlining Techniques.
Basic Outlining Techniques.

Basic Outlining Techniques2.


In this video Alan Gear from Rainbow Glass (Alan and Barrys Crafts) shows us some basic outlining techniques. He also shows how to make coloured outliner from their Waterbased paints and how to use it. This enables you to make outliner in almost any colour you could wish.  Additionally the video will show you how to do your outlining from a piping bag.

Unfortunately Rainbow glass paints are no longer available. This goes for the thickening agent as well which Alan uses in this video.

There are other ways to thicken up your water-based glass paints so they can be uses as outliners. The most obvious method is to leave them open to the air for a while so they dry out a little. You will need to do this carefully so as not to ruin the paint. Do it in a pot and keep stirring it. Stirring will ensure the top doesn’t dry out completely whilst the bottom remains the same. It will also let you know when it is thick enough to use.

Basic Outlining Techniques Video
Basic Outlining Techniques.

We have heard of other methods being used. Adding diluted corn starch for one. This isn’t a method we would recommend as we haven’t tried it yet. If you do give it a go please let us know how it goes.

So we hope you enjoy this video on Basic outlining techniques. The video is getting a bit old but is still worth watching. Outlining is the bit of glass painting which causes people the most problems. We don’t have any fantastic suggestions for making it easier for you but we do recommend the following.

  • Never outline from a tube. They are remarkably difficult to control. Always use a bottle or better still a piping bag as shown in this video.
  • Practice. It may seem like a waste of outliner but it really is worth while.

Good Luck with your outlining 🙂 .


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