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On this web page you can subscribe to our email list. We have occasional newsletters which will let you know about new projects, videos and designs etc. We rarely send these out more than one a fortnight and is often a lot less. You can unsubscribe at any time simply by clicking on the unsubscribe link in every email we send out.


Unfortunately we have had an issue with our email list when it was lost during a server crash and had to be restored from an older copy. It you either subscribed or unsubscribed between 13th July 2018 and 31st Aug 2018 then I’m afraid this change was lost and you will need to repeat it. Sorry for the hassle.


Glass Painting Email List

Glass Painting Email List

You will receive an email from us shortly after submitting this form. You will need to follow the instructions in that email in order to confirm your membership.

Please be assured we wont share your email address with anyone else. We don’t sell our list, ¬†we don’t send out email on behalf of any other company or website. We NEVER send out more than one email a week and it can often be months between them. This is because we only send them out when the site has new content.

2 thoughts on “Glass Painting Email List”

  1. lionel carreon says:

    T’d appreciate a written msg on making a paper
    outliner.the video is to fast for my weak vision
    Thank you very much
    Li onel

    1. splatcat says:

      Hi, thankyou for your comment.

      Most of our videos have articles to go with them. You will find the one on making your own outliner here:

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