19th May 2024

How to make your own Outliner for Glass Painting

How to make your own Outliner for Glass Painting.
How to make your own Outliner for Glass Painting.

In this article we explain how to make your own outliner for glass painting. (sometimes called Cerne Relief, Contour Paste or even liquid leading). This is especially useful when you want smallish amount of different colours. Many people like to use some gold or silver outliner in their work.  Others get a bit more adventurous and try red, blue , purple or more!  Sometimes combining several different coloured outliners in a single piece of work.

How to make your own Outliner for Glass Painting.

  • The outliner was made using “Acrylic Frame Sealant”. Ours was called “No Nonsense” and came from Screw Fix Direct.  If you buy a different brand the important things are; It is Acrylic, it’s White and it’s flexible.
  • I put the sealant into an airtight pot until it was about a third full. Then I added three or four beads on an acrylic child’s poster paint in the colour I required. It is best to start off with less, you can always add more later. (At this stage you can mix in a couple of different paints if you need to mix the colours).
  • This was then mixed together until it became a rather thick paste.
  • Next I added a few drops of water and again mixed until it was a smooth paste. It may go a bit lumpy at this stage but if you persevere with the mixing it should sort itself out.
  • Keep adding water a few drops at a time and mixing until it is the consistency you require.
  • The outliner needs to be flowing enough to pipe well but not so much that it spreads when it’s on the glass (or whatever other surface you are piping on to). You need it to retain it’s shape so it gives nice clear lines.
  • Getting the right consistency is a bit of trail and error but you will get to know what is right for you.
  • Remember, at any time you can go back to the out liner and add a bit more water to make it flowing or a bit more sealant to make it thicker.


I have used this outliner in both normal glass painting and with peelable glass paints. It can do both types of work. You will find it really useful to make small amounts of different colours.



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