Glass Painting Film. Vase.
Photographing your work. A Simple trick.

Photographing your work can be quite difficult sometimes. Most of what we work on is glass with reflective surfaces. Then there is the problem of finding a suitable background. White is best for photographing glass in front of as it shows the colours well. After years of struggling I just stumbled on a solution, the […]

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Glass Painting Facebook Group.
Changes to the site.

Ever since we started a forum many years ago we have had issues with spammers. In the last year or so we have had so many applications to join the forum (mostly we suspect from spammers) that it has made it impossible to manage the forum properly. Unfortunately due to this we have reluctantly decided […]

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Front Door with film removed.
Large Glass Painting Project: Part 2

Well I thought it was time for an update on the large glass painting project I have decided to do. To recap I have chosen to do a design on my front door which has a very handy window. It’s all going a little slower than I originally panned. Lots of reasons for this , […]

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Large Glass Painting Project
Large Glass Painting Project.

I’ve decided it’s time to do a large glass painting project. ┬áRather than doing it and then showing you what I did I’ve also decided it would be nice to show you as I go along. This will mean you get to see any mistakes I make. Also we will go through the planning procedure […]

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Fred Aldous Glass Lac
Fred Aldous Glass Lac. End Of Stock.

Fred Aldous Glass Lac. We were told last week that Fred Aldous is to stop stocking it own brand “Fred Aldous Glass Lac”. They have supplied this glass paint for as long as I can remember and I think it’s a great shame. It’s a cellulose based glass paint which gives really great colours and […]

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Rescuing glass paints which have gone thick.
Rescuing glass paints. A guide.

One of the questions we often get via the contact form and email ┬áis about rescuing glass paints. They often start with something like “I was given these old paints”, or “I haven’t done any glass painting for a couple of years and I just dug my paints up” Now whether these paints can be […]

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Glass Painting Gallery We hopefully you will have noticed that has a totally new look. We’ve rebuilt the site completely and in doing so have made it more suitable for Mobile Phones and tablets, as well as computers. There may still be a few teething issues as we refine the update and we apologise for those. […]

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