Brian Clegg Waterbased Paints
Brian Clegg Waterbased Glass Paints

Brian Clegg Waterbased Glass Paints. This waterbased glass paint from Brian Clegg is another good all round glass paint which is mainly aimed at school use but is equally good for the home glass painter.     [You will Find details about buying this paint at the end of the article] As some of you […]

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Marabu Decorglas starter kit
Marabu Glass Paint Starter Set

Marabu Decorglas Paint Starter Set. A review of Marabu’s Waterbased Glass Paint. Art.No. 1303 00 087 Starter Set 6 x 15 ml. (420, 432, 450, 455, 463, 473). + brush, motif, instructions.   The Set. Firstly this is described as┬áthe Marabu Glass paint starter┬áset NOT a kit. You will need other items in order to […]

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Colour Shaper Brushes for Glass painting.
Colour Shaper Brushes for Glass Painting

Colour Shaper Brushes for Glass Painting. One of the first things I read on this site was The guide about “Basic painting skills”. There I saw a picture of “Solid brushes” I had never come across them before so I read with interest as I would never have dreamt of using them for glass painting. […]

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Glass Painting Outliner Review
Glass Painting Outliner Review.

Glass Painting Outliner Review. A review of different types of Outliner. (sometimes called contour paste).   There are many makes of outliner but make is not an important factor when it comes to buying outliner. There are two main factors to consider when buying outliner. Firstly, colour and secondly rigidity. Colour is not really an […]

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Review of Waterbased Glass Paints.
Review of Waterbased Glass Paints

Review of Waterbased Glass Paints.   A Review of Waterbased Glass Paints, mainly Rainbow glass, gallery glass and Anita’s [Edit: Please note that this review is now getting a little old, Rainbow Glass Paints are no longer available and Gallery Glass Paints can be very difficult to get hold of in some countries such as […]

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