22nd February 2024

Outliners used in Glass Painting

Review of Outliners used in Glass painting.
Review of Outliners used in Glass painting.

Review of 3 Outliners used in Glass Painting.

This video is a review of 3 different makes of outliner used in Glass Painting. Outliner is sometimes called cern relief, gutter, or liquid lead. Below you will find further details on the 3 outliners including links on where you can purchase.


All of these outliners performed well any I wouldn’t hesitate in using any of them. The Plaid is now quite difficult to get hold of in the UK, the other two can be bought in many craft shops and on many craft websites. They are C2 and Fun and Fancy.

All 3 of the outliners can be used in both “Pipe and Peel” work and in normal glass painting. So far we haven’t found a paint any of them have a bad reaction to.

GreatArt glass painting

There are obviously many other types of outliner available and we hope to be covering some more in the coming weeks.

Review of Outliners used in Glass painting.
Review of Outliners used in Glass painting.

I have been asked what I look for when reviewing the outliners. It may be different for different people but I have a few things which I look at.

  • Does the outliner retain it’s shape? There are a couple (none of the ones I review here) which flatten and spread a bit when they dry.  I think that makes the piece look bad. I have used that sort of outliner to do lettering on a finished piece as the flattening and spreading is useful then.
  • Does it flow? Whilst we don’t want it to flow too much and spread it does need to flow enough to make piping easier rather than harder.
  • Has no air or hard bits in it.
  • Remains the colour it is meant to be even once dired.

You will also notice I avoid outliner which is sold in tubes. The outliner in them may be OK, I don’t know, I don’t use them. However the tubes make it really difficult to pipe as they lack the control you get from either a bottle of a piping bag.  Even if you use the outliner from a bottle in a piping bag you can at least put any unused back into the bottle. You can’t do that with a tube.

We hope you have enjoyed watching our review of Outliners used in Glass Painting. If you pop over to our guides section there is a lot of advice on how to actually do the outlining.


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