23rd October 2020

Glass Painting Outliner Review.

Glass Painting Outliner Review
Glass Painting Outliner Review.

Glass Painting Outliner Review.

A review of different types of Outliner. (sometimes called contour paste).


There are many makes of outliner but make is not an important factor when it comes to buying outliner. There are two main factors to consider when buying outliner. Firstly, colour and secondly rigidity.

Colour is not really an issue, most bottle and tubes will state the colour on the outside. Few however, tell you about their rigidity. Remember a “hard outliner may last longer but only a flexible outliner will be of any use for “pipe, paint and peal” work.

We have chosen to test 3 different types of outliner; Anita’s Glass Paint “Leading”,Gallery Glass Simulated Liquid Leading and Rainbow Glass Black Outliner.

Anitas Outliner

Anita’s Glass Paint, Leading.

Colour wise this was the “blackest” of all the black outliners. Unfortunately it was rather too runny. Worse still, once it has dried it was very difficult to peal off. This wouldn’t have been a problem if it didn’t claim to be usable for pipe and peal work.

Sizes available: 59ml.


gallery glass liquid leading for glass painting
Gallery Glass Liquid Leading.

Gallery Glass Simulated Liquid Leading.

A very nice outliner to pipe with. Not only this but it pealed well and is just about the best outliner for pipe and peal work. I tend to use this outliner as often as possible.

Sizes available: 236ml and 59ml.

Rainbow Glass Outliner. (Edit: This outliner is no long made).

Rainbow have completely redone their outliner. They sell the basic black silver and gold. Some might find it slightly too runny for their taste. It does have the advantage of coming in an easy to use container (the 25ml one) with a nice fine nozzle. Better still Rainbow sell a thickener which, when added to their waterbased paints, turns them into an outliner. This gives you an even larger colour range to choose from including luminous and pearl.

Sizes available: 250ml and 50ml and 25ml (Waterbased paint 30ml, thickener 10ml).

Don’t forget you can always choose to make your own outliner. This can be great fun as well as saving you money. The instructions for this are on the basic outlining skills page.

That completes our Glass Painting Outliner Review. The article is getting slightly old so we hope to redo it in the not too distant future.

2 thoughts on “Glass Painting Outliner Review.

    1. If you are talking about the glass painting company Rainbow Glass which was based in Manchester (Walkden) then that is true. They stopped quite a few years ago. (I’m being careful because I know the name Rainbow Glass has been used in more than one context.

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