17th July 2024

Glass Paint ; Different Types.

People often get confused with the multitude of glass pants available. Different types, different bases and different manufacturers. It can be confusing for experienced glass painters never mind those who are just starting.

Glass Paint : Types.

A selection of Glass Paints of different types.
A selection of Glass Paint.

I like to start by classifying the paints by what they do. This means I split them into the flowing paints which enable you to paint objects.  Then the thick paints which are used for pipe and peel work (also called window stickers or peelies). The first group contains both waterbased and solvent based paints whilst the second group is exclusively waterbased ones.

Flowing Glass Paints.

Flowing Glass Paints
Flowing Glass Paints

This category of paints contains both Solvent and waterbased paints. Even within this there are variations as some flow better than other. The ones which flow more are better for flat work whereas the ones which a bit thick are better for painting 3d objects.

A flowing paint enables you to use the “flood fill” and to blend paints as you work. This enables you to get some great finishes.  On the whole the solvent based paints give a more transparent finish than the water based ones. Having said that the waterbased paints have certainly improved over the last 10 years.

All of the flowing paints come in pots or bottles and are used with a paint brush.

Popular Flowing Glass Paints: Solvent.


Different types of flowing glass paint.
Glass Paint which flows.

Lefranc & Bourgeois Vitrail Glass Paint. (see review).

Pebeo Vitrail.

Marabu GlasArt.

Decorfin Glass Paint.

Popular Flowing Glass Paints: Waterbased.


Biran Clegg Waterbased Paints.(see review).

Pebeo Vitrea 160.

Marabu DecorGlas.

Lefranc & Bourgeois Glass and Tile Paint.

Artiste Aquaglass.

Thick Peelable Glass Paints.

Thick Peelable Glass Paint
Thick Peelable Glass Paint.

These are the thick type of Glass paints which can be peeled off once dry and moved to a different place. For this reason they are particularly good for things like window sickers. They can also be used to paint objects but you will rarely get the smooth type of finish you can achieve with a flowing glass paint.

Plaid Gallery Glass Paint.

Brian Clegg Peel-Off Paint.

Glas C2 window paints.

Glass Design Window Paints.


The types of glass paints aren’t necessarily exclusive. Some of the thick water-based paints can be use for the same work as the flowing paints. Although the finsh probably wont be as smooth. Some of the flowing water-based paints can be peeled under limited circumstances (we’ll be doing a separate article on that). You wont however be able to peel solvent based paints.

I tend to keep all 3 types of paints in stock whenever possible. I find it best to use the “best tools for the job” in each situation.

Other Glass Paints.

Those listed above are the main types of glass paints but by no means the only ones. There are several “bake-able” glass paints around. (but then again some of those not labelled as bake-able are). Jurgen Industries in America do a lovely looking Crystal Glass Paint but I haven’t managed to get my hands on any (yet!).



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  1. Where can I buy (stanger) thick Peelable window paints grandchildren love them can’t find in any shops. Thank you E.J.Stride

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