21st October 2020

Brian Clegg Waterbased Glass Paints

Brian Clegg Waterbased Glass Paints.

Brian Clegg Waterbased Glass Paints
Brian Clegg Waterbased Glass Paints.

This waterbased glass paint from Brian Clegg is another good all round glass paint which is mainly aimed at school use but is equally good for the home glass painter.



[You will Find details about buying this paint at the end of the article]

brian clegg waterbased paint
Paint Use Directly from the Pot.
As some of you will know I avoided using waterbased glass paints for a long time thinking they were second best to the solvent ones. Now I have not only changed my mind on that but also on the “cheaper” paints which I have also avoided. This waterbased paint by Brian Clegg is mainly aimed at the school market but is available to buy in the UK to individuals. I bought this set of 8 x 50ml paints for £6.75 (+VAT) for is remarkably good value compared to other Waterbased Glass Paints.

This ISN’T a Pipe and Peel Paint, you use it to paint on objects in the same way as you would use a solvent based paint, the bonus is this is totally child safe and doesn’t smell of some solvent based paints.

Brian Clegg Paint watered down
Paint which has been watered down.

Used directly from the pot it is quite a thick paint which makes it difficult to blend and flood fill but should make it good on 3D objects. To change its qualities you can add a little water to make it into a much runnier paint which will blend and flood fill. The colours remain bright and transparent even when water is added but it does mean the paint takes a little longer to dry.


Good Points:

  • Nice Bright Colours.
  • By the use of water you can turn it into a flowing paints so you get 2 paints for the price of one.
  • Very well priced for a good paint.

Bad Points:

  • Could do with a couple more colours in the range. I would have liked to see a black and white in the set. (You can make most other colours by mixing the 8 you get).
  • Can be a bit “stringy” when you are using it directly from the pot, you have to careful not to let it drop in sections where you don’t want it.


Brian Clegg Waterbased Glass Paints.
Brian Clegg Waterbased Glass Paints.

Mixing Paint.

When mixing paint make sure you have a nice sealable container to store the result in. Put a little bit of water in the container and then add the paint bit by bit until you reach the thickness you want… if there isn’t enough paint when you have done this add a few more drops of water, mix, and then add the paint again. When mixing try and “fold”it rather than stirring it. You will probably add air to the paint when mixing so try and prepare it the day before you want to use it, tapping at intervals the encourage any air bubbles to come out. If you don’t do this you can end up with a lot of bubbles in your work.

Brian Clegg Waterbased Glass Paints are great for adults and children alike. They will do both 3D and flat blending work (when watered down). We will be contacting the manufacturer to ask about adding colours to the range.



We purchase this paint from an online retailer who delivers throughout the world. We were impressed that the order arrived the day after we placed it!!! There is free postage on UK orders over £25 so we ordered a few of their other items as well. Please click one of the link below to be taken to their site.

Rapid Online – Brian Clegg Waterbased Glass Paints.


2 thoughts on “Brian Clegg Waterbased Glass Paints

  1. This is more of a question than a reply, would this be a good paint to use to paint clear glass dishes, bowls, etc. so that they look like they are colored glass? The dishware will then be used to make glass ‘flowers’ that will be staked in the garden. Thank you

    1. I would only use this type of paint in that situation if I found a good clear waterproof varnish which obviously didn’t react to the paint. Without this covering I don’t think the paint would stand up to outdoor weather conditions.

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