22nd February 2024

Marabu Glass Paint Starter Set

Marabu Glass Paint Starter Set

Marabu Decorglas Paint Starter Set.

A review of Marabu’s Waterbased Glass Paint.

Art.No. 1303 00 087 Starter Set 6 x 15 ml.
(420, 432, 450, 455, 463, 473).
+ brush, motif, instructions.

Marabu Glass Paint Starter Set
Marabu Glass Paint Starter Set.


Marabu Glass Paint Starter Set
Marabu Glass Paint Starter Set

The Set.

Firstly this is described as the Marabu Glass paint starter set NOT a kit. You will need other items in order to do any projects with it including the one described in the instructions. There is no outliner in it, which is a bit strange for a beginner’s set, but there is a nice selection of 6 paints, a good paintbrush, instructions for a projects and a few designs.

As long as you think of this as a set of paint rather than a kit then you will be fine.

The Paints.

Normally I avoid waterbased paints, I have always found them to be second best to solvent based, so have only ever used them when I’ve had to (working with children, asthmatics etc). Well this paint has certainly changed my opinion, whilst perhaps not quite as good as the very best solvent paints it is without a doubt the best waterbased paint of its type I have tried…

blending marabu glass paints

It ISN’T one of the thick waterbased paints that you would use for pipe and peel but a nice free flowing waterbased paint which you can use for any project which you would normally use solvent based paints for WITHOUT THE SMELL 🙂

Because this paint flows so well you can use it to blend on the “glass” just as you would with solvent paint, either drop one colour into another or load one colour at one end of an area and another colour at the other end then encourage them to meet in the middle (as in the red and yellow on the left which meet as orange in the middle

As there was no outliner with this set, and I didn’t have the glass handy which they use in their project, I decided my test piece would be a small sun catcher made with the help of a piece of thick clear film (saves cutting glass) and a peel off.

marabu finished example

The paints were very easy to use, I didn’t stir them (obviously stirring paints can put air bubbles into it) and used them just as I would solvent based paint, flood filling areas with one or more colours, doing one “type” of section at a time and then leaving the to go “tacky dry” before moving on to the next.

The picture on the right doesn’t really do the paint justice, although it goes on semi opaque, it does dry to a lovely transparent finish with very strong colours, at least equivalent to many solvent based paints.


I would have no hesitation in recommending this paint to any glass painter, beginner or experienced. I will certainly be using it again myself.The set is good value at £9.99 as the 15ml paints normally retail at £1.70 and in this set you get a paint brush, instructions and 4 designs in addition to the paints.

More details regarding Marabu products can be found on their website:


Our thanks to Marabu for supplying the paints for this review.

Bob Oct 2007.

This article was written some time ago as you can see. I have just checked and the Marabu Glass Paint Starter Set is still for sale. There is also another one now which contains 4 paints and outliner and a brush etc.

Bob 2015.

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