24th January 2021

Colour Shaper Brushes for Glass Painting

Colour Shaper Brushes for Glass painting.
Colour Shaper Brushes

Colour Shaper Brushes for Glass Painting.

One of the first things I read on this site was The guide about “Basic painting skills”.

There I saw a picture of “Solid brushes” I had never come across them before so I read with interest as I would never have dreamt of using them for glass painting.

While in my local art / craft shop my memory was jogged about the brushes I had read about on here so I decided to get one to try.

I chose a Royal Sovereign Taper Point ~ Soft ~ Colour Shaper no.2.

I looked at it a bit puzzled – It had a silicone tip and wondered how it would be to use.

I couldn’t wait to get home to try it out.

Daler Rowney Flexible Colour Shapers
Daler Rowney Flexible Colour Shapers
Honsell Soft Brush Sets
Honsell Soft Brush Sets

It was really nice to use. I used it with solvent based paints purely because I prefer to use them but should imagine they would work just as well with waterbased paints ( I’ll find out when I let my daughter try them).

It did feel a bit strange to use at first but I very soon got used to it – I was hooked on them.

It was so easy and so much better to use than a bristled brush and very easy to clean all it took was a quick wipe with a wet wipe then you could move on to your next colour with no worries.

colour shaperWhile using the brush I was able to go right in to the corners and up to the edges with the paint without managing to go over on to the outliner which had sometimes happened while using a bristle brush.

It was very easy to “move the paint around” and I didn’t get any air bubbles with using it either, I think that was more due to the brush rather than luck.

I would certainly recommend trying them if you don’t already use them.

I was so impressed with them I went back to the shop to buy a couple more in different sizes.

This is Janets article she wrote for us on Colour Shaper Brushes. It is getting a little old now but I hasten to add I still use my colour shaper brushes in all my glass painting. Not only that but I haven’t had to replace them once. Yet!


2 thoughts on “Colour Shaper Brushes for Glass Painting

  1. Hello everyone This isn’t a comment, it’s a plea for help! My local Church has twelve painted glass sections in the windows. They are from 1987 and the paint is peeling and very faded. Unable to afford to get someone to restore them, it was decided to remove them completely. Horrified I volunteered to restore them myself!! Unfortunately I know zip about painting or glass! I have read your reviews and watched your demonstrations avidly.
    Please could anyone give me some advice on the outlines, they look in good shape, but should I renew them as well? Would it be ok for me to just go over the top of the original outlines? Using the same medium of course, or will it make them too thick? Eagerly awaiting any replies Lynda XX

    1. Hi Lynda, sorry for the delay in responding.

      Do you know what type of paint/outliner was used the first time?

      Can you get the panels out to work on flat of will they need to remain in place?

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