22nd February 2024

Glass Painting Films. A Review.

Glass Painting Films. A review.
Glass Painting Films.

Review of 4 Glass Painting Films.

In this video we review 4 different adhesive films to see if they can be used in glass painting. It was meant to be 5 films , the video will explain why that didn’t happen 🙂 The test were successful to some extent but you will see from the summery that we weren’t totally happy with any of the films. To give the ending away the adhesive acetate was the best of the bunch.

We will continue our search to find the best glass painting films.


All the films had their good and bad points. Personally I wouldn’t recommend the Safmat but, with that exception each film was usable to some extent. My own favorite was the Adhesive Acetate from Crafty Computer paper.

We will be adding details of where these films can be acquired below.

 Crafty Computer Paper This is where you can get the Adhesive Acetate which we found to be one of the best film. (Obviously your results may vary depending on which paints you are using).
HobbyCraft This is where the rather thin film came from which still worked well with the waterbased paint.

Both the Safmat and LockLock films were purchased through Ebay and seem to be only available sporadically.

The four designs used in the examples in this video can be found in the Free Designs Section of our site.

Obviously we were only able to test the glass painting films with the paints we had to hand which were mainly Rainbow Glass Solvent based Paints (same as Fred Aldous Glass Stain Lacquer) and Marabu Waterbased paints. You should test any films you buy with your own paints before doing any major work.

Glass Painting Films, a review.
Glass Painting Films.

We will be continuing our quest to find the perfect glass painting films. This isn’t as easy as you may think. We are looking for a film which:

  • Doesn’t react badly to either solvent or waterbased glass paints.
  • Thin enough to stick around curves but thick enough not to crease.
  • Completely transparent when suck to glass
  • Permanent adhesion.
  • Clear backing so you can outline from a design placed behind.

It may seem like a lot to ask for but what I am actually describing is the old Rainbow Glass Clear fim. Unfortunately it has been impossible to get hold of that since Rainbow Glass ceased trading. We will keep you posted as to how our searching goes.


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