30th November 2023

Using Dimensional Fabric Paint as Outliner.

Using Dimensional Fabric Paint as Outliner.
Using Dimensional Fabric Paint as Outliner.

This is a bit unusual as  the product we are using hasn’t been created for glass painting but it’s about using dimensional fabric paint as outliner. The particular paint we are using has been made by Tulip but there are other brand on the market which you may like to try.

There are a few reasons why you may want to try these paints rather than the regular outline.

Regular outliner, especially those which come in tubes, can be very expensive.

Using outliner from a bottle means you can use a piping bag and return any you don’t use.

It’s getting increasingly difficult to get hold of some of the better outliners.

These Fabric paints come in a huge range of colours including: Neon, Glow in the dark, Glitter and more.

Using Dimensional Fabric Paint as Outliner.



The dimensional fabric paints felt very similar to Plaid Gallery Glass to use. It did pipe directly from the bottle but as normal I preferred using it from a piping bag.  It held it’s shape really well which is important. Overall I found it just as good as any other “real” outliner.

Using With Paints.

Using Dimensional Fabric Paint as Outliner.
Using Dimensional Fabric Paint as Outliner.

Flowing paints.

I first tested the outliner with the flowing paints, both solvent and waterbased. These included Pebeo Vitrea, Pebeo Vitrail, Lefranc & Bourgeois Solvent and Marabu Solvent.

There were no problems with any of the paint. Even the Pebeo Vitrea which is known to react badly with Gallery Glass outliner. I will certainly use this dimensional paint with my flowing glass paints in the future.

Gold Dimensional Fabric Paint.
Gold Dimensional Fabric Paint.

Pipe and Peel Paints.

This was a bit of a different story.  I tried 3 different thick peelable waterbased paints. Gallery Glass, Pebeo Arti-stick and GlasDesign. The GlasDesign paint was fine with the fabric paint, no issues at all.

The Gallery Glass paint separated from the fabric paint when I tried to peel it off the glass although I admit I hadn’t painted very thickly.

The arti-stick paint didn’t seem to want to peel off at all but this seemed to be an issue with the paint itself rather than with the fabric paint I was using as the outliner.

I think this is going to take a bit more testing.  If you use the Fabric paint on it’s own it certainly peels off with no hassle but, as you can see above (and in the video) this didn’t transform to success with a couple of the paints.

Conclusion. Using Dimensional Fabric Paint as Outliner.

As it stands I would certainly use the fabric paints with any of the flowing glass paints.  The testing was successful and it was just as good as any other outliner I have used.

At the moment I wouldn’t use it for any pipe or peel work but I do want to test this further before making any final decision.

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