25th January 2021

Review of Waterbased Glass Paints

Review of Waterbased Glass Paints.


A Review of Waterbased Glass Paints, mainly Rainbow glass, gallery glass and Anita’s [Edit: Please note that this review is now getting a little old, Rainbow Glass Paints are no longer available and Gallery Glass Paints can be very difficult to get hold of in some countries such as the U.K. We will be doing a new version of this review shortly]. These are all the tick type of pipe and peel paints. You can get waterbased paints in posts which flow more and we will look at those later.

On the whole water based glass paints do not last as long as solvent based ones, neither are the colours as vibrant. Finally they are not water proof (obviously) and can even discolour in a damp atmosphere.

There is a positive side, water based paints don’t smell, anyone who has used solvent based paints will no doubt remember that they can smell very very strong, a bit like nail varnish! Water based paints are child safe and you can do “pipe and peal” work with them.

Review of Waterbased Glass Paints
Review of Waterbased Glass Paints

You will notice that most water based paints are quite thick when they come out of the tube/bottle. Don’t worry, if its too thick for you to use just add a few drops of water. Rainbow Glass even do a thickening agent so you can make the paint even thicker or even turn it into an outliner!

We tested three water based paints, in fact the same three brands as with the outliner, Anita’s, Plaid Gallery Glass and Rainbow Glass Water Based Paints.

We were looking at several thing, colour, ┬áthickness and its ability to “pipe and peal”.

Plaid Gallery Glass Window Color.

Plaid Gallery Glass PaintsProbably the best known water based glass paint and definitely one of the best. Flows well, excellent colour range and has no problem with the pipe and peal work. Like most thicker paints it can be relatively difficult to achieve a smooth finish and air bubbles can prove to be a bit of a problem!

Sizes Available: 59ml.

Rainbow Glass Water Based Paint.

Rainbow Glass Waterbased Glass Paints[No longer available]. Another great water based paint. Slightly thicker than the others which allows it to do some types of work which are difficult with other waterbased paints. They supply a great colour range including a pearl, Iridescent and Luminous. It also has the added bonus of a thickening agent which will let you turn any of the colours into an outliner. Rainbows also produce a Video to go with this paint which will show you techniques you never dreamed off!

Sizes Available: 30ml.

Anita’s Glass Paint.

Anitas Waterbased Glass PaintsVery nice colour. A lovely smooth paint which flowed with a minimum of bubbles. The main problem was it did really seem to want to pipe and peal, the first attempt tore when we tried to get it off the glass! This may have been our fault as they do sell a specific “sheet” for use when doing PandP which we do not have.

Sizes available: 59ml.

Well that completes our review of waterbased glass paints.  This review is not quite old and we hope to redo it in the near future.

2 thoughts on “Review of Waterbased Glass Paints

    1. With many waterbased paint you can simply use a little corn flower. Ensure you mix it well with some water first to make a paste with no bits in. As normal also test on a small amount of paint before you go ahead and use it properly.

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