24th May 2024

Fevicryl Glass Paints and Outliner. A Review.

Fevicryl Glass Paints and Outliner.
Fevicryl Glass Paints and Outliner.

Well here is my review of Fevicryl Glass Paints and Outliner. Actually they are call Glass Colours on the box.

As with all of our glass paint reviews I purchased these myself. They actually came from Ebay although I have seen them on Amazon as well. The comments and statements in both the video and this article are all my own opinion. This is the first time I have ever used these paints and outliner so it may be that some of my techniques weren’t quite right and could do with amending.

Fevicryl Glass Paints and Outliner. A Review.



What was in the kit.

The kit consisted of a 15ml tube of blasck outline. 10 x 10ml bottles of paint: Tomatoe Red, Pink,Orange, Brown, Black, White, Crystal Green, Ultramarine Blue and Sea Blue.

Fevicryl Outliner.

Like many outliners this came in a tube. I don’t really like tubes but I do use them now and then so I was happy to try it. Some outliners have an issue that they don’t hold their shape, they spread out on the glass giving you a thick line. This outliner held it’s shape too well. Normally when you do two lines, one over the other, then they will blend a bit. This one didn’t. In fact I found out when painting that the “higher” outliner hadn’t even laid on the glass, leaving a gap for the paint to seep through.

The outliner was hard to get out of the tube, I even tried moving it to a piping bag but that wasn’t much better.

Having said that I did manage to get the piece outlined but I didn’t feel it was up to my normal standard. Of course this could have been a “bad” tube. Maybe it had been in the retailers too long or maybe it was just a bad batch. I would need to try another tube or two before I was really sure about it.

Fevicryl Glass Colours.
Fevicryl Glass Colours.

The Glass Colours.

Well I really wasn’t that fussed about the outliner but I really loved the paints. They flowed really well, the colours were bright and the coverage was good. I did two suncatchers and there was plenty of paints left to do at least another two.

I did have a couple of issues. The first colour I did was the red, I used the paint by squeezing it from the bottle onto my work and then using my solid brush to tease it up to the line. For this first colour I got no bubbles at all. However, after than a did get quite a few and they were pretty tough! As I went on I learn to keep the bottle upside-down and to keep a steady pressure on it to stop the air from getting sucked in. This seemed to work although at times I did revert to taking the nozzle off the bottle and dipping my brush in. This is obviously down to technique and NOT an issue with the paint.

The other issue I had was with the two blues I got in the kit. I really couldn’t tell them apart! Either they had been labelled wrong or there just isn’t enough difference in the two colours.


I you will a have guess I would highly recommend the paints for flat flood fill painting. The give a great smooth finish, different colours can be blended together and they are really bright.  On the other-hand I wouldn’t use the outliner again. It was too hard resulting in a really patchy, rough finish.





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