14th January 2022

Tips for Glass Painting.

Tips for Glass Painting.
Tips for Glass Painting.

Well it’s quality rather than quantity this week with two articles / videos each giving tips for glass painting.

The first is an article we have called “Advanced Outlining” and is part of our free online course. We had previously done a lesson on basic outlining and this is the follow up to that one.

The second article/video  is a project to make a round glass painted vase.  It concentrates on techniques (and tips) for painting on a curved surface. This is one of the most difficult aspects of glass painting. Whilst not making it “easy” the tips in the article will certainly make it less difficult for you.

Advanced Outlining.
Advanced Outlining.

Lesson 7. Advanced Outlining.

This video covers techniques like using a piping bag, how to make corrections, the Outliner Stips methods and more besides. Even if you are happy with your outlining you may still be able to pick up some useful ideas from this article. Although mostly geared towards using a piping bag most of the techniques can be used with other applicators as well.

We will be doing one final article on outlining in this series of lessons which will look at things like coloured outliners.

Lesson 7. Advanced Outlining.

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Just a gentle reminder that, in addition to our website we do also have a YouTube Channel, A Facebook page and a Twitter account.

The Twitter account is a bit different as I’m trying to keep it a bit lighthearted with a few “behind the scenes” posts. The YouTube channels is doing well and I must admit it does us good if you subscribe to our channel as this seems to benefit us in the YouTube search results!


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Glass Painted Round Vase.
Glass Painted Round Vase.

Glass Painting a Round vase.

As I’ve already said painting a curved surface if one of the most difficult techniques in glass painting. In this article/video, in addition to it being a project, we have given a set of tips which should make it slightly less difficult for you.

This is a great project with a lovely end result but you should be warned, it take a LONG time to do. Admittedly most of that time is spent just waiting for things to dry but in total this took me over two weeks.

Glass Painting a Round vase.


Well that’s the end of this weeks newsletter. We hope you are enjoying the improvements to the videos.

Please remember we also enjoy and appreciate  (constructive) comments, likes, thumbs ups, shares, questions and other types of feedback. If you have an suggestions for aspects of glass painting or glass painting projects you would like to see in the future then please do let us know. We can’t make any promises but we would do our best to accommodate any ideas.

Happy Crafting.

Yours, Bob.


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