3rd December 2020

Glass Painting a Wine Glass.

Glass Painting a wine glass.
Glass Painting a wine glass.

This is the first of what will be several articles about glass painting a wine glass. This is because there are several different ways of doing it. We are starting with what we believe is one of the easier methods.

As with most of our projects the one can be altered to suit your needs. It doesn’t have to be a wine glass, it could just as well be a tumbler or some other type of glass. The design can also be altered. Maybe you want to be glasses for a wedding reception or to celebrate some other type of event.

Remember, if you want this piece to be useable, you should use a dishwasher safe / oven bake glass paint. (You can find a review of a suitable paint, pebeo Vitrea 160 HERE).

Glass Painting a Wine Glass.



Wine Glass Design.
Wine Glass Design.

Equipment and materials.

It is worth saying a few words about the paint we have used. It is Pebeo Vitrea 160 which is an oven bake waterbased glass paint. We also used the outliner specifically made to go with it. You can use other glass paints (non bakeable) but the would make your work more or less decorative rather than functional. The oven bake paints make the piece dish washer proof which also means it will be capable of a good hand wash which is want for a piece you intend to use like this.

  • Glasss Paints. In our case Pebeo Vitrea 160.
  • Outliner. Again we used the Vitrea 160 outliner.
  • Design.
  • Wine Glass (or other item you want to paint).
  • Paint Brush.
  • Spare piece of flat glass.
  • Craft Knife.


How to glass paint a wine glass.
How to glass paint a wine glass.


Place your design under the piece of spare flat glass and outline. Also outline a few “test” strips of outliner.

Now you need to leave the outline to PARTIALLY dry. If you leave it too long it will go hard and you won’t be able to peel it off. If you try and do it too quick the outline will break. Use you “test” stips to see if it is ready. We found an hour was about right be it really does depend on the temperature you are working in.

Peel your outlines pieces one at a time being very careful and using a craft knite. Don’t worry if you get a break. You will be able to press it together on the glass. One at a time more them to your glass and press them on.

There shouldn’t be any need to wait for the outliner to dry further, you should be able to start painting right away.

As the surface is curved you will need to paint one section at a time. Leave it to go at least tacky dry before you move the piece round and paint the next section. This means it can take a long time to do. Don’t try and rush it.

Once you have finished painting you will need to let the piece fully dry before you place it in the oven. Please read the manufacturers instructions for temperature and time.

Leave in the oven to cool down before you take it out.

Another Wine Glass created using the same method.
Another Wine Glass created using the same method.


This is quite a simple method of glass painting a wine glass and the design needs to be kept equally as simple. We used the same method when we revised the Vitrea 160 paints.  In the coming months we will be having further projects about painting glasses etc. which will show you alternative ways of doing it.


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