9th July 2020

Glass Painting Card Project 2

Glass Painting Card Project 2.

Glass Painting Card Project
Glass Painting Card Project

This is a project to make the glass painted greeting card you can see on the left. It is based around a oval appature card and a piece of glass painting done on thick glass painting film (please note this is Thick Glass Painting Film NOT the Extra thick as is said in the video).

Obviously you don’t have to do this exact design, shape or size as this project. We will be making other similar designs (e.g. the other Star Signs) available in the Design Gallery over the next few weeks.

The Glass Painting Film is proving quite hard to get hold of now but you can always use a thick acetate or a thin perspex (plexi glass).

The rainbow glass paints are no longer available but can be substituted with any flowing waterbased or solvent glass paint.



The main paint used are GlasArt by Marabu (our thanks to Marabu for supplying them).

The Waterbased paint (Clear Frost) and the outliner were by Gallery Glass.

Glass Painting Card Project
Glass Painting Card Project.

The card on the right was made using very similar methods. The only difference is we painted the front of the card. In order to do this we covered the front of the card with an adhesive mirror film cutting out most of the film from the aperture in the middle but leaving a small amount which was tucked round to give a nice finish. This was done before the second part of the card was glued to the back (as in the video) to ensure a clean finish on the inside as well.

In this card the Star in the middle was painted with Rainbow Glass Iridescent Gold and Silver. The outside of the card was painted with Rainbow Glass Transparent Royal Blue, Purple and Clear.




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