21st October 2020

Glass Painted Card Project

Glass Painted Card Project

Glass Painted Card Project
Glass Painted Card Project

This is a project to make the glass painted greeting card you can see on the left. As many people have problems with the outliner, either they can’t do it, find it difficult or their hands/eyes wont let them, this card doesn’t use any. Instead it uses a large black peel off (sometimes know as craft stickers).

Obviously you don’t have to do this exact design, shape or size as the peel offs and blank cards come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Rainbow Glass Paints are no longer available but they can be substituted by any flowing water-based or solvent based Glass Paint.

This has been our most popular project / video and is great for people who are learning how to glass paint of for card makers who want to try a new technique.



Although this video is getting a bit old now it still shows a technique which can be of use to beginners. Also, as said above, for those who have difficulties outlining plus younger people etc. There is a huge range of peel offs available. Even more than when we originally made this project. We’re sure you will be able to find some useful ones in your local craft shop or online.

We chose to use a black peel off as it didn’t show any paint which you accidentally get on it. You can do this with gold and silver peel off etc but you need to be much more careful.

We hope you enjoy this glass painted card project. The same technique can be used to make light catchers, mobiles and virtually anything else which you can glass paint. The larger peel off can be difficult to get hold off but they are still around. (Anita’s used to do a special glass painting range but they don’t seem to be available any more.).

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