6th December 2021

Glass Painted Lantern Project,Sun and Moon.

Glass Painted Lantern Project,Sun and Moon.


Finished Glass Painted Lantern
Glass Painted Lantern Project.

Materials Needed:

1 x Clear Glass Painting Film.

4 x Transparent Solvent based paints: Red, Yellow, Light Orange and Turquoise Blue.

1 x Pearlised White Solvent based Glass Paint.

1 x Luminous Waterbased Glass Paint.

1 x Black Outliner.

1 x 1m x 6mm Self-Adhesive Gold/Brass Lead.

1 x 1m x 9mm Self-Adhesive Gold Brass Lead.

1 x Glass Lamp in style shown.

This is a very simple project which I did on a plain glass lamp I found in a local “seconds” shop. You don’t have to use this type of lamp as the project will work equally well on different styles. piping

To save having to paint on a curved piece of glass I decided to work on a piece of clear, adhesive glass painting film. I put THE DESIGNunderneath the clear film then I taped them both down and piped it over with black outliner. This was then left over night to dry.

Next I painted the Sun design with the 4 Transparent and Pearl Paint. Notice that the outside of the sun has a blend of 2 colours, make sure that the first colour is still wet when you put the second in so the you get a gradient between the two.

Glass Painted Sun Blending Glass Paints Flood filling Pearl Glass Paints

When it came to painting the moon I used a plastic mixing pot to water the paint down slightly. Waterbased paint can be very thick when it comes out of the tube so diluting it will help you get a smooth finish to your work. If you are unsure how much water to add to your paint you can experiment a bit. With the better quality paints I find you can add upto a third water.

Obviously this will need to be painted on as flat surface (as should the sun above) to ensure there is no shading on the piece.
Luminous Waterbased Glass PaintOnce dry the three pieces (Sun Moon and small Star) need to be carefully cut out and then, one at a time, remove the backing sheets and stick them to the lantern. (Hopefully it isn’t too late to mention the fact that you need to check which side is which on the glass painting film before you start using it!). Be sure not to get any bubbles under the film, these are extreamly difficult to get rid off. Glass PAinting Film

Finally I added the lead. The 6mm lead went down two sides of the lantern and then it was finished off with the 9mm lead round the top and bottom. THe finishing touches were obviously the white sand and the candle.


Finished Glass Painted Lantern Glass Painted Candle Holder Waterbased Glass Paints

I hope you enjoyed making this glass painted lantern project, obviously there are endless variations on this type of project and we would be happy to receive picture with any you may come up with.

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