18th October 2020

Childrens Glass painting Project

Childrens Glass painting Project

Childrens Glass Painting Project
Childrens Glass painting Project.

Quite a simple project to make a couple of glass painted candle holders using waterbased “window paint” sometimes known as pipe and peel paint. The work is done flat and then moved onto the object or choice. In this case a candle holder and a jam jar but the same technique can be used for vases, window stickers, fridge stickers or any other object of this type. Items made with this type of glass paint should not be soaked but can be wiped down with a damp cloth to clean.There are several things I have done in the video which you could change depending on the age of the child (children involved). In the video I have done the outlining, an older or experienced child may wish to do this themselves. The work was done on glass but in an environment with many children you may prefer them to work on release paper.


This is a great technique to use with your own children or groups of children. Maybe cubs, scouts, girl guides or a Sunday school. The project can be geared towards the time of year. At Christmas you can use Christmas designs. You can also find designs for birthdays, mothers day, fathers day and all sots of other occasions. I know one scout group which keeps this equipment in the store room to use on wet days!

Some may think it would be expensive but you can buy large bottles of water-based glass paint to keep the costs down. We hope you enjoy it. We’re sure you will be able to adapt it to suit your own needs. Why not send us pictures of anything you make using this technique. If you do we’ll try and publish them on the site.

One thought on “Childrens Glass painting Project

  1. Thanks for the lovely videos and very helpful advice -I have just discovered glass painting at the age of 59 and am finding the site very inspirational.

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