4th December 2021

Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Review. Paint for Glass.

Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Review.
Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Review.

Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Review.

This is a Pebeo Fantasy Prisme review, a totally new paint for us.  We chose to by the discovery set which consists of 6 colours in 20ml pots.  Now we’ve actually used it I wish I’d bought the Discovery Collection.  This has 12 x 20ml pots in it, that would have given us a much better range of colours.

For a long time I have been looking for a replacement for the old Rainbow Glass Peal Paints.  They had a look all of their own. I can say without hesitation that this paint is worthy successor. You will be able to see from both the images and the video that is gives your work a unique look.  This paint (together with the Pebeo Fantasy Moon which we will also review) will be a staple of my kit from now on.

Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Example..
Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Example..

This is a solvent based acrylic paint which flows. It isn’t a transparent paint although some colours do let a little light through.   For this reason I will mainly use it on Vases, mirrors and such. Situations where the “look” is more important than the ability to let light through. I will also use it  on lightcatchers and lanterns etc. but much more sparingly.  If painting a flower I would often use Rainbow Pearls for the petals where as I would do the leaves, boarders  etc. in transparent. This would make the leaves stand out from the rest of the work. It also meant, if it was a lightcatcher it looked different depending on whether the light was coming from the front or the back. Now I shall be able to use this same technique with these new colours.


This paint looks good when used as solid colours but even better when you blend multiple colours together. Bit of a shame we din’t have a larger colour range to play with.  The fact that the three Pebeo Paints: Fantasy Prisme, Fantasy Moon and Vitrail can all be used in blending just adds to the possibilities.

Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Discovery Collection.
Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Discovery Collection.

I definitely recommend this paint. The discovery sets certainly provide a good way foor you to give them a go yourself.

Where to buy.

In the UK “Great Art” Is Currently Selling the Fantasy Prisme Paints at reduced Prices.

Discovery Set 6 x 20ml Paints. (reduced from £9.95 to £7.96 .

Discovery Collection 12 x 20ml Paints. (reduced from £19.95 to £15.96.

Individual 45ml Pots. (reduced from £4.55 to £3.40.


Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Colour Chart.
Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Colour Chart. (Click to enlarge).




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