3rd December 2020

Glass Painting designs for Children.

Glass Painting Designs for Children.
Glass Painting Designs for Children.

By Glass Painting designs for children we mean designs with suitable images for children to have in their rooms etc. , not particularly designs which are suitable for children to make. Some of them maybe but other would be too complicated especially for younger children to do.

You may have seen some of these designs before as they have been moved from the general section.¬† If you can’t find any designs here which you like there is also¬† the Craftville Bear Section and the Christmas section both of which contain designs which may be suitable.

Obviously many children like character designs, the Simpsons, Disney Characters, characters off Cbeebies etc. Now we can’t use any of those in our designs as they are covered by copyright. You will however find lots of images featuring those characters on the Internet which you will be able to use. Just remember you should only make items for personal use from them. As soon as you start selling craft items which Trade Marked or Copyright characters on then you can run in to trouble. (You can even have issues if your character looks too similar to a Trademarked/Copyright one!).

Glass Painting designs for Children.

Click on any of the thumbnails to see the full sized image. You can then right click on that and save to your hard drive. We use green in the designs so it is easy to see where you have and haven’t outlined when using black outliner. Obviously green doesn’t suit everyones eyesight but it fairly easy to change the colour in most graphic programs. We will be adding to this section on a fairly regualr basis. Either keep popping back or, if you would like to know when more designs are added, please sign up to our newsletter.



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