19th May 2024

Craftville Bear Glass Painting Designs.

Craftville Bear Glass Painting Designs.

As with all of our designs these Craftville Bear Glass Painting designs are completely free to download and print. They are based of designs we commissioned for our card making site Craftville.com . Obviously we have simplified them a little, taken the colours out and made the line work green. (We make it green so you can easily see where you have and haven’t piped with black outliner).

This collection will build and gradually add different images of the bears. Eventually the collection will include: Teacher Bear, Thanksgiving Bears, Fireman Bear, Army Bear, Nurse Bear etc.

Other Information.

  1.  You can easily change the green colour to a different one in an graphics editor. (if you find green a difficult colour).
  2.  Likewise you can use a graphics programme to resize any of the images.
  3.  If you are new to glass painting you will find lots of help on this site with how to do the outlining and painting.
  4. Click on any of the image above to be taken to the larger version. Once that has opened simply right click on it and save it onto your computer.

Please note the images aren’t copyright free. You are welcome to download them and use them in your glass painting. You can even sell the finished item you make. What you are not allowed to do is sell the images or given them away either on the Internet or as printed copies.

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