1st December 2023

Bird, Animal and Fish Glass Painting Designs.

Bird, Animal and Fish Glass Painting Designs.
Bird, Animal and Fish Glass Painting Designs.

Bird, Animal and Fish Glass Painting Designs.

This is our collection of free bird, animal and fish glass painting designs. As you can see most of these free designs have been created in Green. This  is to make it easier when you are piping in black outliner. It is much more obvious where you have and haven’t piped (unlike piping black outliner on a black design). If you have issues with green you can change the colour in most graphics programs.

We intend to add to this section over the coming months so please do keeo an eye on it. If you have any request please do send them in and we will try our best with them. (Please remember we aren’t able to do a designs covered by copyright).

Other Info.

Click on any of the images above to open the larger version. Then simply right click on it to download onto your computer. The inages are designed to make small lightcatchers. You can of course resize them to make larger lightcatchers and/or ignore the borders to use them on other items.

If you are new to glass painting ( faux stained glass )  then please do look in our other section for help. The two main techniques are outlining and painting. We have articles and videos to help with both of these.

p.s. Before you make one of these design you may like to take a quick look on the internet to check your colour.  With many Bird, Animal and Fish Glass Painting Designs the colouring can be quite crucial.

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