17th July 2024

Large Glass Painting Designs. Windows, Doors etc.

Large Glass Painting Designs.
Large Glass Painting Designs.

These large glass painting designs have been created for larger glass painting projects. Window, doors etc. Obviously they can be used in smaller projects as well if you like. Many would make great light catchers etc.

Each design has been based on a real stained glass window or door. They are symmetrical in most cases but as they are based on handmade items you may find a few anomalies in sizes and distances. Often, where a panel it repeated we have only produced the design for a single panel . For example a couple of the tall thin designs come from doors. Often there would have been two or these panels side by side, often separated with a wooden baton.


Within reason I am happy for you to do what you want with these designs but, as with all of our designs we ask you not to place them on the Internet or share them with out permission.  (I’m reasonable about this,. If you want to share a couple with a friend then that’s fine. But if you want to send all the designs out to your 2,000 member mailing list then that isn’t OK.). You can alter them, mix and match them, change the sizes, colours etc.

As I have said these are based on original old stained glass all be it with alterations, cleaning up etc.  They are available here as A4 sheets which you are welcome to resize. They will however be made available in larger sizes and in vector graphics (increase the size to anything without loosing quality) to members of our mailing list. This will be the Christmas 2017 download. After that we will make the larger sizes and vectors available to people as they sign up to the mailing list.

Large Glass Painting Designs.

4 thoughts on “Large Glass Painting Designs. Windows, Doors etc.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I can’t take any credit for the designs. They are all traditional ones which I have cleaned up.

      If you are a member of the email list you should have received an email, which includes a link to download the larger and vector versions of these designs, today.

  1. I hope to learn more but right now i havet big problems with The diferencie betwen The colours and consistencies. I love Art Deco designs and thanks you for show oss how to do.

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