30th November 2023

Christmas Glass Painting Designs

Christmas Glass Painting Designs
Christmas Glass Painting Designs.

Christmas Glass Painting Designs.

Here is our selection of Christmas Glass painting designs.  As with some of the other categories there aren’t that many yet but we will be adding more shortly. Certainly before next Christmas 🙂 . There are quite a few different types of designs. Some for making roundels or light catchers, some for window stickers and others for general glass painting.

When using any of these design you will obviously need to keep in mid “Christmas Colours”, red, black, various greens and gold etc.


There are many was you can use glass painting at Christmas time. I have some Christmas tree baubles which I glass painted, both glass and plastic. I also have some window stickers / decorations which I made with the children about 5 years ago. These normally need wiping down on the back with a wet cloth to get them sticking again after 11 months in storage. You might also want to think about Christmas lanterns,  night lights, table decorations and other items.

We hope you like these Christmas Glass Painting designs. Please do get in touch if you have any comments or suggestions.


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