23rd October 2020

Wall Plaque Glass Painting Project.

Wall Plaque Glass Painting Project.
Wall Plaque Glass Painting Project.

These wall plaque glass painting project is yet another one where you can completely change the design to suite your needs. In fact you will want to unless you also happen to have a friend or relative called “Jade”.

As normal I created my designs on the computer. You will find these available below and hopefully you will be able to alter them to make other letter. Obviously they don’t have to be letter, or a persons name but I thought it made a nice display..

We have created this project using Solvent based glass paints from Pebeo (and one colour from DecoFin) but other solvent based paints or even flowing waterbased glass paints would be equally suitable. We used an opaque colour for the boarder so any bits of thicker glue didn’t show when we stuck the acetate to the mirror board.

[ Please note we have tried to make the video a little more concise then usual. Please let us know in the comments section if you found it too fast, still too slow or just about right.].

Wall Plaque Glass Painting Project.

Wall Plaque Glass Painting Project.
Wall Plaque Glass Painting Project.

Materials and Equipment.

  • Outliner.
  • Flowing glass paints.
  • Your Design.
  • Sheet of Acetate. (enough for your letters,2 per sheet).
  • Sheet of Mirror board. (enough for your letters,2 per sheet).
  • Clear PVA glue (Elmers).
  • Scissors.
  • Paint Brush.
  • Tape and D-ring to make holder on back (or something similar)
  • Clear board to work on.


  • Sandwich your design between a sheet of acetate and your clear working board. Tape these together to keep the acetate flat.
  • Outline your design and leave to dry.
  • Paint your design one colour at a time. Leave each to go tacky dry before you start on the next. (Remember to do the boarder in a opaque or darker colour).
  • Once the paint is totally dry (best to leave overnight) glue the acetate to mirror board. Do this by putting the glue on the BACK of your work just around the edge of the design. Come no more that 5mm into the design itself. When you glue it down you want to sure none of the glue spreads inside the boarder.
  • Once again leave to dry and then cut out your designs.
  • Add a hanger to the back (or you can leave it and use BluTack.

This is quite an easy Glass Painting project and certainly suitable for a relative beginner as long as you keep the design quite simple. It is a project we will probably return to at a later date.

Happy Crafting.

Yours, Bob.

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