19th January 2021

Glass Painting a Dream Catcher.

Glass Painting a Dream Catcher.
Glass Painting a Dream Catcher.

This project about painting a dream catcher is remarkably similar to one we did some months ago featuring a mandala. This is because the are both based on large peel off stickers from Je Je. So to make this project you will need to get your hands on one of these. If you are based in the UK then you can buy them off our site (as soon as we geet them on) or everyone should be able to get hold of them through Ebay etc. Alternatively it is possible to make your own if you have a cutting machine which does this. I know a lot of our card making members already have one of these.

This is a pretty simple project as all the outlining has basically been done for you. However you will need to be extra careful with the painting as the lines are quite “low”.


Glass Painting a Dream Catcher.



Material and Equipment.

  • One large Dream Catcher Peel Off.
  • Flowing Glass Paints (colours to suit).
  • One sheet of acetate (The Je Je Dream Catcher Peel Offs include this).
  • One sheet of thick transparent film. (YOU should be able to get away with using another sheet of acetate if it is quite thick).
  • Cotton/Fishing wire or something else to string it together.
  • Paint Brush.
  • Scissors.
  • Craft Knife


  • Glass Painting a Dream Catcher.
    Glass Painting a Dream Catcher.

    Transfer the large piece of the design onto the thick film (If you have left a backing sheet on one side ensure you are working on the other).

  • Transfer the smaller additional pieces you wish to use onto the acetate.
  • Paint all the items using the normal glass painting “flood fill” technique. Ensure you leave one colour to go at least tacky dry before you move on to the next.
  • Leave overnight to dry completely.
  • Cut out all the pieces leaving “tabs” where you want to use the holders (The little circles you should still have left on peel off sheet). When cutting out items such as feathers there is no need to follow the outline exactly.
  • Add the holders and cut the tabs back. (You will need to remove any backing to your main piece at this stage).
  • Melt holes in the middle of the holders. (I used a needle heated up on a candle).
  • String everything together using the fishing wire or cotton.


We hope you enjoy making this dream catcher. There are 3 different Dream Catcher designs from Je Je to chose from.

Happy Crafting.

Yours, Bob.

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