4th December 2021

Glass Painting a Christmas Card.

Glass Painting a Christmas Card.
Glass Painting a Christmas Card.

Many people haven’t thought about Glass Painting a Christmas Card but it’s a great idea. Not only do they get a Christmas card for this year but they can take the glass painting out of the card and have a decoration for years to come. Much better than just throwing it away.

We have mainly concentrated of the Father Christmas design but if you watch the video you will see a Snowman designs appears at certain points as well. The design is up to you. You could take it even further and make a birthday or anniversary card using the same technique.

Glass Painting a Christmas Card.




The Plastic used in the card.

In this demonstration I use a piece of thick glass painting film. No if you haven’t got that you could use a piece of (very thick) acetate or better still why not see what you already have around the house and recycle/re-purpose it. Much of the clear plastic used in packaging can be used in this type of glass painting. Just a word of warning, not ALL plastic are suitable, some may react to your paint. To make absolutely sure always do a small test with your paints before embarking on any project.

Glass Painting a Christmas Card. Technique.

This is actually very simple.

  1. Place the design under the plastic and outline. Then leave to dry.
  2. One colour at a time flood fill the relevant sections. Remember to ensure you fill right up to the outline and let each colour go at least tacky dry bore you do the next. Leave to dry when finished.
  3. Cut out your work leaving a small “tag” at the top. Make a hole in this tag and thread through some cotton or such like.
  4. If you are using a tri-fold card cut the aperture in the sheets which goes on the back of the current hole. This will let the light come right through the card. (OK that’s difficult to explain. You might want to see what I mean in the video).
  5. Use the cotton yo have added to your or and a piece of tape to stick it to the inside of the aperture then glue down the back over it.
  6. You can finish of the card by adding decorations to suit.
  7. Don’t forget to tell the person you give the card to that they can take the glass painting out and save it to use as a decoration next year.


Well as I said, this is a very easy project although that will vary depending on the complexity of your design. Don’t forget we do have other Christmas projects on the site so please do take a look.

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