9th July 2020

Glass Painted Suncatcher Project

Glass Painted Suncatcher

Glass Painted Suncatcher
Glass Painted Suncatcher

This is a very simple project to make a glass painted suncatcher. Perfect for either a beginner or a more experienced glass painter.

I needed to do a project fairly quickly so again I chose a pre-done outline in the form of an Aqua Glass “Peel Off”. This was stuck on a piece of Thick Glass Painting film form Rainbow Glass (Alan and Barrys Crafts) using a sheet of peel off transfer paper (if you haven’t seen this used before go and have a look at the Greeting Card Video). Remember NOT to stick the top of the peel right against the edge of the film, leave a gap of at least 1cm so you can make a hanging point at the end.

If you can’t get hold of the thick film just use a suitable think film, Plexiglas, thick acetate or Perspex. All should be fine with a waterbased paints although some may react to a solvent based paint. Obviously make sure it is thin enough for you to cut.

Peelie of sun for suncatcherThe next task is obviously to remove all the bits of the peel off which you don’t need. I use a sharp craft knife to do this as I don’t have sharp nails,

Next you will need to choose the paint to use in the project (if you haven’t already done so). I used Marabu Decorglas Paints. Initially I chose them because they were the paints I had set out to review but they turned out to be perfect for this project because.

  • They are a nice flowing paint which helped the blending on the project.
  • They didn’t cause the peel off to lift or buckle like solvent paints can do sometimes.
  • It didn’t smell like solvent paints do.
  • The colours were nice and bright.

glass paints blended on lightcatcherFirstly I painted the arms of the sun loading red paint at the end nearest the middle and yellow paint at the other end, and then use my paint brush to encourage them to meet and blend in the middle.

This blending is an important technique to use in glass painting and gets away from using big blocks of solid colour. The blend can be done as above or by dropping one colour directly into another one.

Once I had finished these I painted the other smaller arms a solid red. (Obviously after each of these stages I left the project for a little while so the paints would go at least tacky dry)

After that I painted the pack ground with a mixture of blue and purple, this time dropping one colour into another.

Marabu suncater decor glass paints glass painting a suncatcher

Next came the face which was painted in yellow, I left this to dry for quite a while before I added the orange cheeks so the DIDN’T blend into the yellow paint. The two last bits of painting were the green around the boarder and the blue for the eyes.

finished glass painted suncatcher
Glass Painted Suncatcher.

To finish the project off I simple cut the spare thick film away completely on three sides and left a boarder of about 1cm at the top. I made two holes in this by carefully heating a sewing needle and pushing it through the plastic. A small piece of fishing wire (or such like) was then threaded through the holes to make the hanger.


Again this has been a fairly simple project with no outlining involved. It does remind you how improtant it is to select the correct paint for a project. Thicker paints wouldn’t have worked half so well.

Items used in this glass painted suncatcher project.

Marabu Decorglas Paints (Dark Ultramarine, Light Green, Carmine Red, Violet and Yellow. Full details can be found on their web site:

http://www2.marabu.de/en/ .


Many thanks to Marabu for supplying the Paint for this project and to Alan and Barrys Crafts for the Glass Painting Film.


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