19th May 2024

Using Peel off stickers in Glass Painting.

Using peel off stickers in Glass Painting.
Using peel off stickers in Glass Painting.

A short article on using peel off stickers in Glass Painting.  Many people will see this as an “easy” option but in many cases it really isn’t. The peel offs, especially the smaller ones, can be very difficult to paint. The peel off sticker do give a really nice and clear outline but it is quite “low”. It is quite easy for the paint to escape if you aren’t really careful.

I tend to use pre-made stickers but if you are lucky enough to own one of the home craft cutting machines then there is no reason why you can’t make your own.

If you really want to see what is possible using this technique please have a look at the article by Arthur Vanson HERE.

Flower Lightcatcher using peel offs.
Flower Lightcatcher using peel offs.

Tips for using Peel off stickers in Glass Painting.

  • I find the smaller stickers quite difficult to work with so I use a transfer film to move them onto my work. (You can buy this on ebay etc.).
  • You can work on glass, acetate, acrylic, glass painting film, adhesive film, tiles etc. Basically all the same places you can use other glass painting techniques.
  • Ensure the peel off is well stuck down. If it isn’t the paint can seep under and the sticker will lift.
  • The stickers aren’t raised very far so it is quite easy for the paint to go over and flow into the next area. Always make sure one area is at least tacky dry before you try and paint the area next to it. This will minimise the risk of the paint mixing.
  • If the work is likely to get damp or a bit wet it can be sealed with a suitable clear varnish.
  • Items made with this technique can only be wiped down (unless you have sealed it).
  • Never use this technique with oven baked paints (well you can use it with the paints but don’t put it in the oven.
Arthur Vanson Glass Painting Design.
Arthur Vanson Glass Painting.


I will stress that this is Vinyl stickers used at a VERY basic level. As I said above, if you want to see what can really be achieved then please look at the work of Arthur Vanson. He wrote the article for us many years ago but it is still relevant and has some great images of his work. (an example of which you can see on the right). If I ever manage to get my hands on a vinyl cutter then I will certainly go into this in more depth.

4 thoughts on “Using Peel off stickers in Glass Painting.

  1. I have been struggling with outlining (age and eye-sight problems) and have been looking for suitable ready-made outlines. I love yours, but I think the small spaces will give me problems. Have you any suggestions about where I could buy more simple designs?
    PS I love your site and keep coming back to it when I’m working.

    1. Hi Jean,

      Yes most of the peel-offs are quite fiddly. Do you know anyone with one of the craft machines which cut vinyl. If so maybe they could make you something more suitable.

  2. Does anyone know where we can buy these stickers now? We have got some from aqua-glass.com but the website no longer exists.

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